I provide ongoing business coaching, advice and mentoring for small businesses who want to grow into bigger businesses.

I help business owners to get their marketing right, to negotiate the best deals, to create great teams and to handle their finances, all the things you need to develop a successful company.   I’ve spent years running different sorts of businesses so I know what works, and I can keep you away from some of the mistakes I’ve seen over the years. Working as a business coach and advisor for the past fifteen years, I’ve seen hundreds of businesses at all sorts of different stages, so I’ve gained some excellent learning about what to do, and what not to do.

How does business coaching and advice work?

Orange IconEvery business is different, and there’s no set recipe for success. Different companies have different issues and I have worked with a wide variety of businesses from local cafes to software companies.

Usually, I meet with clients every two weeks, face to face if you’re in Brighton, and by Skype if you’re somewhere else. During our meetings we develop a strategic plan for growth and then, most importantly, I’d help you stick to that plan. You can also email and phone me between meetings, for example, if you have a marketing campaign or a website going live or even if you just need to chat through an issue.

My job is to keep you on track with the important things that are going to make a real difference to your business. Here’s a short video about how my business coaching and advice works in practice

What do I get out of it?

Clients have described me as a “critical friend”, “giving them more confidence” and say I’ve had a “huge impact” on their business.  They also say I’ve “given them clarity” and “helped them make the big decisions.” Have a look at some more good things clients have said about me here.

What you can expect from my business coaching and support is a more structured way of looking at your business, a no nonsense approach, and a clear focus on how to make more money and enjoy running your business more.

My business coaching is a mixture of hard business strategy and thinking delivered in a very clear common sense way, after all,  I’ve spent my life running businesses and learning about business. Plus, we’ll work through all the things that hold you back such as productivity, confidence, negotiation skills. And of course, how to do the right kind of marketing for your business to bring in the clients and the money.

How long does business coaching and mentoring last?

Mentoring and coaching lasts for as long as you need my help. Some of my clients just need advice with one area of their business, such as branding and marketing, and might need me for just 3 months. Other clients have been with me for two years plus as their business grows and develops. It’s flexible, there’s no minimum time you have to sign up for.

How much does it cost?

Blue Icon I have a sliding scale, depending on where your business is now, and how much extra money you’re going to make as a result of working with me.  The scale goes between £650 and £1200 a month, and I guess most of the businesses I work with pay around £750 a month. For example, a one person business based in Brighton that is going to make an extra 20k a year would pay the basic £650, whereas a business with two directors that is going to expand turnover by a few million would pay £1200 per month.

What if I’m not in Brighton or London?

That’s fine, I’ve got clients all over the UK, and two in Spain. If you’re not in Brighton, Sussex or London, we can either work together on Skype, which I’m using more and more to talk to clients, as it’s very time efficient.

How do I know it’s right for me?

Green IconThe best thing for us to do is meet up for a coffee or an initial chat via Skype and talk about your business and your goals. Then, once I’ve asked you lots of questions and you’ve met me, we can say whether we’d be a good fit for each other. I’m very honest about this, and I do tell people if I don’t think paying my fees for business coaching is going to be a good investment for them, usually leaving them with some good tips for how they can grow their business without my help.