Blog posts, paid links, and articles

If you’re looking to get in touch with me because you’d like a guest post, a link from my site to yours, you’d like me to write a post for you or you have an infographic you’d like me to include on my site, here’s my policy on this.  Please read this before emailing me, because it might save you some time and trouble.

Guest posts about business

I only accept guest posts from people I know.  These are usually people who also offer services to small businesses and who really know their stuff.  So I know that what they write will generally be of interest to my readers.  I usually ask these lovely people to write something for me, often because I’ve had an interesting discussion with them about some fascinating facet of business.

If you also write great stuff about small business, marketing, or finance, based on your own expertise, and you’d like to do an expert round up, a panel, or a joint webinar, then do get in touch and we could become great friends.

Paid links

Very occasionally I accept paid links on my site.  This is always for a product that I genuinely think will be of use to small businesses, and that I can recommend with my hand on my heart.  The price for this is £250 + VAT, and the link is always from an article that I have written.  This is because I want to maintain the same tone throughout the site, even if I’m being paid to promote someone else’s service.  I’m happy to write a post for you and include a link, as long as you pay my fee and have a great product related to small business.

Please don’t think that you will persuade me to put a link in for £25 by sending me a lot of emails, offering me an infographic, or assuring me that I’ll attract lots of traffic because I’ve reproduced your article.

Pre-written posts

I don’t allow anyone else to write on the site unless it’s a guest post from a colleague I respect and know already.  Sorry, but it’s my site and I’ve got lots of content already because I’ve been writing it for 14 years.