What is Remarkable Business really like?

I’m launching my Remarkable Business programme this week. It’s a brilliant 6 months of support to help you build your business with help from me and a group of business owners who are at a similar stage to you.

This will be the third time I’ve run Remarkable Business and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with a new group of people. But of course, I want to make sure that it’s as good as it possibly can be.

So I sat down with John Young who did the first Remarkable Business programme to find out what he thought about it, and what his advice to someone who was thinking about it this time would be.

John’s known for being honest with his opinions, so I really valued what he had to say. Here are John and I having a chat


My big takeaway from this

John’s biggest outcome from doing Remarkable Business was that he had a lot more confidence. He won’t mind me saying that after doing Remarkable Business he was happy to go after much bigger clients, and ask for fees which are in line with the quality of what he does.

John also said he saw Remarkable Business as a way of getting all the outcomes of business coaching with me, but at a much more affordable price. Which is good as that’s exactly what Remarkable Business is designed to do, to be a replacement for the traditional business coaching I’ve done for years. John saw the price (especially the instalment plan at £250 per month) as being at a level that he could be comfortable taking a risk on investing in.

John also said that he’d joined the programme at first to get help and support from me, because he thought that I knew my stuff and could help. It was interesting that he hadn’t joined to get support from the group, but this was the part of the programme that he ended up appreciating just as much as getting help and advice from me.

How you can get into Remarkable Business

The Remarkable Business programme starts at the end of September. Here’s how to get your place – but remember you have to book your place by the 20th September as I’ll be closing the doors that day to give me time to get everything ready.

Full details and how to book your place…

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