Workshop in Brighton – Getting your price right

I’ll be running a real-life workshop in Brighton on the 27th June 2019 on how to get your price right for small businesses. I don’t do many of these anymore so this might be your only chance to come and work with me in the flesh.

Quick update – sorry, it’s sold out!

The workshop only had 25 places, so it’s sold out. I’ve also had several people comment that they can’t come because they live in Amsterdam/Scotland/India, which is not that convenient for nipping to Brighton.

I’m therefore going to do exactly the same workshop as a virtual workshop. I haven’t arranged a date or organised anything yet, so fill out the form below and I’ll let you know when it’s going to be. Some time in July is my best guess.

Virtual Workshop

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What the workshop is about

It’s two hours dedicated to helping you sort out the number one thing you can do to help your business succeed. Yes, you’ll be able to confidently say how much you should charge your customers from now on.

Clue – it will probably be more than you do now. But you need to come to the workshop to work out exactly how much more.

And, once we know how much you have to charge, we’ll work on some great ideas for improving your marketing so your customers will be totally happy to pay your new price.

Where and when

It’s at 9.30 am on the 27th of June, in Platform 9.

I’m doing the workshop with Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce, so it’s at their ridiculously low price of just £44 for members and £54 for non-members. And you get a free copy of my Sweetspot Pricing book included with that, which would normally cost you £13.

What will I get out of it?

Well, I did a mini version of this workshop before. One of the attendees came up to me in the street a couple of months later and told me that she’d done what I’d suggested and changed her pricing strategy and was now 2k a month better off. I wish I’d taken a photo of her big smile at the time, but it was a bit like this…

How to book your place

There’s a maximum of 25 people on the workshop, so I’d get in fast. Here’s how to book your place 

What if I live miles away?

Well, you’ve got two choices here. You can either have a lovely tax deductible trip to Brighton, maybe tying in the workshop with a coffee and cake with me to talk about doing some work together to boost your business. Or you can just get a copy of the Sweetspot Pricing book and the resource pack which takes you through the same pricing methodology and marketing tips. It’s slightly less fun than the workshop, and probably has fewer swear words.

Here’s how to get the Sweetspot Pricing book and the resource pack…

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