How was it for you?

Can you spend 5 minutes doing this little survey for me about your experience of doing the Remarkable Business programme, please? It would help me enormously because I can work on improving the value of Remarkable Business each time I run it.

Remarkable Feedback

Questions about why you did Remarkable Business in the first place:

2. Thinking back, why did you want to do Remarkable Business in the first place?

3. What was the trigger for doing Remarkable Business at that time?

Questions about the impact on your business:

5. Now you’ve spent 6 months doing the programme, how would you describe the change in your business?

Questions about how we can improve Remarkable Business (please be as honest as possible, I totally want to hear this).

8. These are some suggestions people have already made, let me know if these are a priority for you too

9. What should I include more of in the future

10. The Friday workshops – were they?