Changes to LinkedIn

I just got word of some big changes to LinkedIn. These changes which will affect any of us who use LinkedIn for business development.  For a lot of my business mentoring clients, this is going to be a big deal, and will make it more difficult to use LinkedIn as part of your sales process and networking strategy.

Changes you might need to make now

The biggest thing to check on right now is that the business or job title that you want to be known for is at the top of your list of current jobs.  Many of us have several different businesses or projects we’re involved in.  It looks like in future, LinkedIn will not allow you to set the order of your jobs/businesses, but will just take whichever one of them is top of the list at the moment and make that your main thing.

So if you’ve added a board position, an interim job, or a second business to your LinkedIn profile, and it’s showing as a current thing you do, make sure that the main thing you want to be known for (the one you want to attract business for) is at the top of your list of positions now, because you won’t be able to change this after March 17.

Lots of other changes to LinkedIn coming up

There are lots of other changes coming up. If you want to be able to use LinkedIn as a way of finding new business development opportunities, I’d do that now as some of the free features we can currently use  will be taken away in March.  In particular, advanced search will be gone, so if you’ve been meaning to use LinkedIn to find target customers, get on it now.

More information on the changes to LinkedIn

My pal Ian Brodie has done a great podcast on these changes to LinkedIn with expert Mark Williams.  I’d recommend listening to this to get all the details of the changes and how it will affect small businesses.

Here’s how to get it – it’s a free resource on Ian’s site.

Photo credit – Kiyonobu Ito from Flickr

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