Marketing needs to be a bigger proportion of your business

Everyone underestimates how much time you need to spend on marketing.  Most people didn’t get into business because they love marketing.  Even marketing people are usually rubbish at prioritising their own marketing.  Maybe especially so.

But marketing should take up at least 20% of your time in the business.  That’s at least one whole day a week.  We will all prioritise doing client work, and I’ll find myself not writing my blog or going to networking events when I’ve got a big business plan to write or a client emergency.

And sure enough, sometimes we’re all busy and looking after the clients should be the priority as they’re the ones paying you right now.  But if you find yourself consistently not ticking off those marketing tasks on your to do list, or even putting them on the list in the first place, you’ll soon find that you won’t be looking after quite so many clients.  Because you won’t have so many clients.

Don’t say that you don’t have time to do marketing.  Make time to do marketing.  Find it somewhere.