Now hiring: Operations Manager

We are looking for an experienced virtual Operations Manager with a ‘takes care of business’ attitude to oversee all daily operations of The Joy of Business. 

Our ideal candidate is remarkably skilled at…

  • Organisation 
  • Excellent at spreadsheets 
  • Attention to detail
  • Understands processes and automatically sees the operation of a business as a flowchart in their head
  • Very competent with online software, should be able to say what they’ve used and give examples of the kind of level/results they’ve had through this.
  • Able to juggle all the plates 
  • Does things in advance
  • Gets the resources for other people to do their best work
  • Makes sure that tasks are finished off 
  • Able to do a bit of lateral thinking as well

Because this is a key leadership role with a wide range of critical responsibilities, we are searching for someone ready and eager to weave themselves into the fabric of The Joy of Business.


£30k pro-rata at 50% – 17.5 hrs per week

Flexible working hours to suit you, including reduced hours during school holidays if required.

We’re recruiting for an Operations Manager to make sure the Joy of Business is working smoothly. You’d be joining a virtual team working flexibly. We’re based in Brighton, but you don’t have to be. 

This job is to support the director, so Julia doesnt have to worry about all the details of what’s happening in the business, and to keep the company like a well-oiled machine. 

Julia will need you to be able to pay attention to all the little cogs in the machine and making sure projects run smoothly so she can get on with looking after clients and developing useful products and services which is her Zone of Genius. 

We’re looking for someone who relishes learning new skills and is prepared to go the extra mile to make sure systems work properly, that our programmes and products are the very best they can be, and that clients are happy. 

You will have worked at a high level in previous jobs. You will very comfortable using online technology and making different systems work together. And you will be familiar with the challenges of running a fully remote team. 

This is not a job for someone who has only worked in a traditional environment or misses working in a physical office. Or someone who has not yet fully developed their technical skills. 

The kind of person we’re looking for is someone who is very well organised, likes to get tasks done well in advance of a deadline. You’re the kind of person whose T-shirts are neatly folded and probably colour coded, and if you go out for dinner with friends, you’re the one who works out what everyone’s share of the bill is, and tells them what they need to chip in. You have several spreadsheets or apps to organise your life, and you can see the inner life of a business through a series of flow diagrams. 

You’ll like this job partly because it’s flexible and part-time, allowing you to get on with the other parts of your life. But you’ll also like it because you’re always learning new skills, and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to do great work and make a difference in how we work. And you’ll appreciate working informally in a small team, usually at a low level of stress because we’ve got everything ready well before the deadline. 

In particular, we’re looking for someone who must already have these necessary skills and experience.

  • Excellent written English and communications skills – able to proofread and edit 
  • Using online software tools, including task management software, e.g. ClickUp
  • Use of Excel to a high level
  • Superb attention to detail
  • Able to learn new skills and tech by online research 

It would be great if you had some experience of the following as well:

  • Managing databases in Airtable 
  • Client liaison for onboarding and exit
  • Diary management for Zoom meetings
  • Social media management
  • Producing pdf reports and documents 
  • Making beautiful slides in PowerPoint
  • Xero accounting – issuing invoices and credit control.
  • Managing a content calendar
  • Monitoring key performance indicators
  • Video editing
  • Booking travel 
  • Experience of managing a small team 

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