How I help

My work is all about helping you to make more of your business. We can work together to make your company into a beautiful enterprise which you love working in, and which creates the kind of money you want to earn.

Below are my core products and services that will help you reach your goal.

Cash Flow Forecast Tool

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Programmes and Courses

Price: from £250 a month
Online mentoring programmes and courses for people who want to focus on transforming their business and get support from me and other people.
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One to One Coaching

Price: from £800 per month
Most people come to me because they want intensive business coaching and mentoring to help them move their business forward.
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Strategy Sessions

Price: £300
These two-hour intensive sessions are for people who have something big to grapple with and want some help to get clarity on the way to go.
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Books and Manuals

Get very practical, actionable advice on how to run a successful business. A good way to find out if I know what I'm talking about before committing to one to one business coaching and mentoring.
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New Business Ideas Collection

Price: £25 per month
A library of dozens of ideas for new businesses you can get going with. This is a collection of business ideas with a difference - they work, and they can make you real money.
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New Business Ideas Collection Lifetime Membership

Price: £599
Looking for the right business idea for you? Do you want a side project, or to finally go self-employed and be able to give up the day job? Here’s my collection of business ideas which can really work.
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What my clients say
"Julia’s been brilliant. She’s challenged me a lot, but in a very supportive way. She also makes me laugh, has provided a box of tissues on occasion and makes very good coffee!"
Susi Doherty - Vervate
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Secrets of Business Success

Do you want to find out more about my philosophy of business and what you need to make your business a success? Here is a free book for you with my three secrets of business success.
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