Sweetspot Pricing Book

Getting your pricing right is essential if you want to make your business successful. It’s the first thing I look at with my coaching clients. Now you can use my techniques yourself with Sweetspot Pricing.
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Tales of Everyday Business Folk

Price: £3
A lovely fiction account of our hero Katherine, who accidentally starts a business. Contains some great tips on what not to do, and some laugh out loud moments as you recognise Katherine making some of the same mistakes we all have.
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The Little Book of Nudges

Price: £24
Have you ever pitched a piece of work, or had a sales meeting, but not known what to do next? The Little Book of Nudges gives you the process I use myself, and teach my clients, so you never lose the sale, because you’re consistently nudging your client until they eventually buy. Invaluable.
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What my clients say
"I knew I wanted to start my own business. Julia helped me find a business idea that was viable and fitted with my passions. She enabled me to build a business that really chimes with who I am.

Julia's helped me create a business that's scalable and helped me understand the difference between a freelancer and a business leader. "
Ruth Smith - Sustainable Results Lab
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