Priority Product Decision Maker

“I wish I knew which product to focus on first!”

The Priority Product Decision Maker does exactly that – it makes the decision for you about which products to develop first, which ideas to drop and which ones are going to make the biggest return on investment. 

It’s an essential tool I use all the time.

It’s too easy to get stuck near the starting line when you’re dreaming up new products: you have great ideas, fabulous ideas, but no clear process for deciding which to prioritise. I should know – I’ve done it myself many times. 

It’s so familiar. You get excited about your latest concept: it could help lots of people and there’s a clear need for it. So it goes into your ideas notebook or onto your Trello board and you start work on it … until, you know, life gets in the way or there’s another equally brilliant idea … or you see a product someone else has created and you think, “Hell, yes, I could make something like that work in my field” and, ding!, there’s another great idea. 

The trouble is, and sorry about this… coming up with the ideas is the easy, fun part. Getting them properly into development is more difficult. And if you’ve got a bunch of ideas all competing for your love and attention, chances are none of them will ever make it through development, let alone come to market and generate a return. 

I’ve been through this process myself and I’ve had dozens of conversations with clients about it. This is why I developed the Priority Product Decision Maker.

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“It gives you a clear business case for which product idea you should proceed with. It can also help you work out which ones you should just put in the bin.

“That’s the Priority Product Decision Maker. It’s pretty cool. You should get one.


It started off as a matrix I drew in my notebook during a client meeting. Then I used it again with another client. And another. I added in some extra factors that made it more useful. Then I created a little spreadsheet. And then a better one. 

By the time I put it into its current beautiful format, it’d been used by a lot of people. They all loved it because it cuts through the confusion and makes the decision super clear. It finds your highest priority products and shows you which one you should focus on. And it automatically calculates a whole bunch of additional information to get you started on that product without any extra work.

It’s now an essential tool for business owners and founders who want to develop their first product, productise their services or get going on a whole ecosystem of products that work together. 

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Priority Product Decision Maker

£35 inc VAT


When you buy the Priority Product Decision Maker you know it’s been tried and tested by many other entrepreneurs. But if you find it’s not helpful for your specific situation, that’s fine. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll refund your money straight away. No problem. 

Priority Product Decision Maker

£35 inc VAT