New Business Ideas Collection

Looking for the right business idea for you? Do you want a side project, or to finally go self-employed and be able to give up the day job? Here’s my collection of business ideas which can really work.

Right idea + how to do it = freedom

Business ideas which work in practice, with clear instructions on how to get going
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Business ideas

Dozens of different business ideas, including some which can be set up tomorrow with just some credit on your phone.

All of these are unique ideas, based on finding the right gap in the market and the right business model. You won’t find any nonsense here about selling stuff on Ebay, or running a baby sitting business – these are the kind of ideas you’ve probably already found on the internet and you could have come up with them on your own.

This collection is full of great game changing business ideas.

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Step by step guidance

Each new business idea comes with a step by step guidance:

  • how much it would cost to set up
  • how long it would take before you could make a profit
  • the type of skills you will need (or how to develop those skills) to run that business successfully.

For each idea, I’m very honest about the amount of work involved, and how much money I’d expect you to make with that business idea.

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Niche ideas

These are the niche business ideas, clever gaps in the market that no one is addressing at the moment.

I’ve been in business for 24 years now, and I’ve helped hundreds of business owners to make their companies profitable, often using strategies around addressing niche markets, or clear unique selling points.

New Business Ideas Collection is full of extraordinary ideas that you won’t find anywhere else.

Find business ideas that suit you with the New Business Ideas Collection

Julia and Patrick in conversation about how to find new business ideas by subscribing to the New Business Ideas Collection, and whether this is a good idea for someone who wants to quit their job.


The New Business Ideas Collection - how it works

Take out a trial membership to check out the collection for just £5.

Every month, I add in more ideas, tips and food for thought, and you pay a membership fee of £25 for access to all these great ideas.

You can cancel anytime you want to.

Continue until you’ve got the idea you want to work on or keep going, it’s entirely up to you.

The New Business Ideas Collection

£5 trial membership inc VAT £25 per month after that
You can cancel your membership anytime

Do these ideas work in practice?

Each of these business ideas can be used to set up a great business. I’ve gone through each one and checked that it can work in practice, and given you clear instructions on how to get going with it.

Even more importantly, these are all ideas which can make money for you. Anyone can set up a business by doing the same as everyone else, or just getting into being a freelancer. What you’re really looking for is a range of business ideas which can be made into a profitable business, so that you can create a decent income for yourself.

Making your business work in practice is up to you. All of them are business ideas which can work, and can make good money. But they will all require hard work, learning new skills and applying yourself. There are no shortcuts or easy ways to making money, but having the right idea in the first place definitely makes it a lot more likely that you’ll get there.

Get going for £13

Some of the business ideas in the collection can be started for just £13 - that’s the price of your first 50 business cards. You’ll need a phone, some credit and internet access at the very least to get going with the quick start businesses.

Sell it for 5m

Some of the business ideas are designed to be scaled up to become much bigger and highly profitable businesses which can be sold for a few million. These will take a few years, some investment and a whole lot of effort, but it can be done.

Earn 50k a year

50k a year is the amount Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton calculate as being the optimum earning level to make you happy. I’ve only included business ideas which have the potential to make this kind of money. No point in wasting time on anything less than this!