Productise Your Expertise


If there was a predictable, step by step method which took you through building a beautiful ecosystem of products that all work together and how to get them in front of the customers who want to buy them, without the confusion, tech overwhelm or crippling “how do I do this” feeling

Would you feel confident about committing to investing some time in transforming your business into a products based business? 


You’ve built up expert knowledge and skills. You can instantly look at the complex set of challenges your client is facing and diagnose what’s going on. You see the process they need to go through, the techniques they need to use, and the knowledge they need to have to move forward. And you know the impact your work can have on people. 

Work satisfaction is being able to help people, do good work and make a difference. 

And get paid well to do this. 

It’s important to get your work out there. You (rightly) want to be able to make an impact. To be able to solve problems and help people to do their work better. Or to live their lives in a better way. You want to be able to share your knowledge with other people. In fact, it would be great to be able to share that knowledge and your valuable skills with lots of other people. 

But at the moment, you’re limited as to how many people you can work with at any one time. You have to work on all this complicated marketing stuff and keep the pipeline going. Chasing one client after another. 

What if you had a much simpler way to sell your services?

And people could just sign up for what you offer – without all that nonsense about proposals, discovery sessions, and pipeline management. 

In fact, you just want to do the work. 

And see the results

And see the money come in. 

Let’s make life less complicated by simplifying what you do. So your prospective clients can easily see how it helps them.

Why you need Productise Your Expertise

You’ve already got a good business, but you’re stuck in the rut of the consultancy and billable days model. You’ve tried to scale your business in your own way. Made those first steps to free up time by getting a VA to help with the admin. Or you’ve tried to make a product already and it’s not had the launch you want.

But something is stopping you from making products. Where to start, what kind of products to make, should it be an online course, a book, or something else entirely? How much can I charge? How would I even start making a product? How would I sell it? Who would I sell it to? How do I find those people?

These are all questions we answer in Productise Your Expertise. 

Week by week you work through the process of developing an ecosystem of products that all work together to encourage customers to buy. You’ll cover everything you need to know to get your products out there, and get people paying for them. 

How Productise Your Expertise works

Productise Your Expertise is a six-month programme starting on 18 May 2021. You and an intrepid group of business owners will start on your journey of developing our product ecosystems. 

Here’s what you’ll cover: 

  • The difference between productising your services versus making products
  • Understand what makes a successful product – learn from others who have been on this journey 
  • The types of product – what your options are and which ones are the most profitable
  • What’s a product ecosystem and why you need more than one product
  • How can you best serve your customers – what do they need? And what do they think they want?

Then the group will split into two tracks – one for people who want to simplify what they already provide by productising some or all of your existing services. And one for people who want to make stand-alone products.

You can follow either or both.

Productised services track

  • The foot in the door product
  • Why you need a lead magnet/ethical bribe to kickstart your marketing
  • Productised services to lead clients to buy your full service versus productised services to enhance profitability and maximise sales

Products track

  • Product idea generation
  • Choosing the priority products
  • The simplest ways to get going with different types of product 
  • Early doors marketing to get the queue of customers started

Once the systems are set up, you’ll find those early adopter customers. We’ll concentrate on a deep dive into your specific skill set and expertise. And package up your knowledge into product form. This is where the rapid product development techniques happen. So you avoid the trap of doing tons of work but never getting your product to market. 

Productise Your Expertise has lots of tips and tricks on how to make those products, based on my own hard-won experience of getting products to market. And working with dozens of clients to develop beautiful products. 

What do I end up with after six months?

In six months, you will have a clear idea of how to scale through developing and selling an ecosystem of products based on your unique expertise. And you will have got the first of these products to market.  The income will be going to your bank account, and you’ll be able to decide if you want to use it to replace your existing sales income from services, or just add it in so you make more money. 

And you’ll be set up to develop more products – you’ll have the encouragement of your first product sales and be in the swing of it by then.

There will be no stopping you. 


I’m Julia Chanteray from the Joy of Business

I’m a bit obsessed with finding and passing on the tools and techniques that mean that a small business like yours can scale and grow. I specialise in helping good/talented/clever/people like you –  people with hard-won skills and experience – find ways to package up what they do into products. So you can escape the billable hours business model trap. 

I’ve done this with dozens of companies

I’ve worked with a lot of business owners on productising what they do. And I’ve done this myself, moving from a day rate consultancy to a productized service to developing a whole ecosystem of products. I know it works, and I know how to make it work.

I’m not your regular business coach

You’ll notice a theme in what clients say about my work. They pretty much all say “no-nonsense” or “no bullshit” and talk about the practical tangible tools and advice I give and the way they’ve been able to implement this immediately.

I’ve done my 10,000 hours

I’ve set up dozens of companies and supported over a thousand businesses in the last 20+ years. I live and breathe the world of small businesses, and I’m always looking for what works. Not generic tools and techniques, but what you need to do in your own unique situation.

I’m all about finding out what works in practice to develop a business and sharing that information with clients, readers, and with you.

Productise Your Expertise starts on 18 May 2021


Productise Your Expertise

£1899 inc VAT

Productise Your Expertise

£1899 inc VAT