Productise Your Expertise

When you’ve built a good business based on years of experience and expertise but you’re still stuck trading your finite time for money, how do you take it to the next level?

Have you ever wished that your knowledge and expertise could be boxed up and sold as products … products that carry on selling even while you’re snugly tucked up in bed at night?

If there was a predictable, step-by-step method that took you through building a beautiful ecosystem of such products that all work together … and showed you how to get them in front of the customers who want to buy them, without you facing confusion, tech overwhelm or a crippling “how do I do this?” feeling…

… would you feel confident about investing some time and commitment to transform your business into a products-based business? 

… would you feel excited about doing a deep dive into all the expertise you’ve built up over the years? And sharing your ideas with the world?

Here's why you need to productise your expertise

When you’ve studied your craft, invested thousands of hours, worked with dozens… no, hundreds of clients and you know you’re pretty damn good at what you do, the limitations of selling your expertise on a one-project-at-a-time basis can drive you a little crazy with frustration.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Your business is doing well...

... but you know that, at this stage in the game, you could be doing a helluva lot better. And when you see your friends, peers and competitors doing better, you can't help being a little peeved.

You're highly skilled at what you do...

... and you’ve already invested a lot of time and effort in developing those skills. You've done your 10,000 hours of practice, put in the work and come away with skills, experience and your own unique techniques. In fact, some of what you do could be described as magic.

You're fed up with...

... hustling to land the next client and frustrated that you can only use your superpowers with a handful of people at any one time. You're also fed up when clients don't always see your true value or try to knock you down on price. Or worse, you're seeing potential clients go with someone else when you just know they won't do the job as well as you.

And you know...

... the impact your work can have for your clients. And you'd love to be able to do that for a lot more people.

The problem is that you’re stuck in the wrong business model

Somewhere along the way, you got stuck in a consultancy mindset, doing one-off projects for clients, maybe with a few repeat engagements. You get to use your expertise, and you do great work, but in effect you’re stuck with repeatedly trading your time for money. And there are only so many hours in a day.

The good news is…

… there’s a better way to do this. A different business model. And transitioning to this new business model is easier than you think – because you’ve already done 90% of the work.

There’s a different way to use all that expertise, the skills you’ve spent years developing, the unique know-how you’ve developed. You don’t have to be (just?) another service provider or consultant.

Productising your expertise and packaging it up so that you can sell your deep knowledge of your specialist area is simpler than you thought.

Are you up for changing your business model?

Are you open to moving to a new model that enables you to work with a much larger group of clients, without having to build an agency or employ people?

One that gives you the chance to do a deep dive into your specialist subject and take your thinking to a whole new level?

One that offers you a different way of working, allowing you to take a breath (and maybe a holiday) because you’re no longer just trading your time for money?

One that, above all, means you get your ideas out into the world, to make a much bigger impact than the consultancy business model would ever allow you to do?

So now…

… let’s take a look at some of the ways you can productise your expertise and change your business model.

Five ways you can move to the freedom of a new business model

1 .

You could productise your existing services

Identify the processes that you do over and over for clients. Streamline them and make it easy for the client to achieve a lot of the repetitive stuff by themselves (while paying you) – or set up a foolproof way for someone else to do it for you.

All of this is a great first step to productising your expertise. By analysing what you do regularly, using some of the tools I’ve developed to break down and engineer your processes, you can cut down the amount of work you have to do for each client (but not the charges) by up to 70%.


2 .

Codify your knowledge – get it out of your head and into a product

By writing and recording your “magic”, you can communicate it to more than one person at a time. In fact, you can transfer that knowledge to hundreds of people at a time.

This might be through developing an online course, a set of worksheets or a set of “if X then Y” decision trees for clients. I’ve collected many formats for you to pour your expertise into, package it up and sell to as many clients as you want.

3 .

Start productising your expertise with baby steps

Many of us have documents, spreadsheets and tools we’ve developed to work with clients – tools that are already sitting on our hard drives.

These can be little pots of gold. With a bit of formatting and clarifying, you can make your first products within a couple of days. I’m always looking for easy wins and this is a great way to experiment with building products and starting to get your first sales. And of course the people who buy these little tripwire products are then primed to buy a bigger product from you later.

One of my clients wrote up a process she’d used herself in her marketing and put it into a pdf with some diagrams of how to use it. She put it up for sale as her first product. Two years later, she’d added 65k of income just from that pdf. And those sales encouraged her to develop other products.

4 .

Create recurring income from your existing clients

Instead of always having to look for the next client or project to kick in when this one’s finished, why not productise your expertise for a bunch of clients who pay you a regular monthly fee for access to your processes and resources?

As a business owner, you know the importance of stable cashflow and recurring income. It’s the holy grail if you want a good night’s sleep. You might already have some of this in the form of ongoing contracts, which is great, but they still consume your valuable, finite time. I’m inviting you to move to the next level.

Within the work you already do for clients there will be an action, resource or process that has a value to them, if they can access it themselves on a regular or continuous basis. It might be a dashboard, a report or an update. By automating and productising this, you’ll be able to create ongoing, recurring income without trading time for money. And you’ll be creating more value for your clients along the way. Win-win.

5 .

Create a product that enables you to look after many different clients – simultaneously

You’ve tried the consultancy model, working for one client at a time and, when things are going well, juggling several at once. But that leaves you exhausted.

Why not create a product that provides for a number of clients concurrently, yet uses less of your time and effort than just one project does at the moment?

By productising your expertise, you can create group programmes, accelerators, masterclasses or one-to-many training sessions. Whatever your target market, you can develop ways of making a difference to many clients, all at the same time. You already have the expertise – the magic! We just need to package it up in the right way to get it out to many more people.

Introducing Productise Your Expertise

Productise Your Expertise is the first programme fully engineered to propel your move to a products-based business.

Productise Your Expertise is a complete six-month programme,starting in January 2022, to get your first products out in the world – and to make sure that, when they arrive, you have people ready to buy. It’s the map and the set of instructions to get you into action. I come with you as your guide, because I’ve been down this road many times, and there’ll be a group of fellow travellers to keep you company.

We’ll be using step-by-step rapid development techniques to build your products and audience simultaneously.

It’s for you…

… if you’re a business owner who’s stuck in the old model of consultancy, projects and billable days – and wants out

… if you’ve thought about developing products but haven’t been able to get past the dreaming-up-ideas stage

… if you’ve started making products but either haven’t “shipped” or haven’t been able to get the sales you expected.

It’s for you if you’re busy and want to maximise what you can achieve with the limited time you have available. And it’s for you if you’re proud of what you do for clients and want to get your ideas out into the world and make far more of an impact.

Three ways Productise Your Expertise will support you to scale your business

Who's behind Productise Your Expertise?

I’m Julia Chanteray from the Joy of Business

I’m a bit obsessed with finding and passing on the tools and techniques that enable a small business like yours to scale and grow. I work with people like you – people with hard-won skills and experience – and I specialise in enabling you to see how to package what you do into products. I help you find your escape from the trap of the billable hours business model. 

I’ve done this with dozens of companies

I’ve worked with a lot of business owners on productising what they do. And I’ve done it myself, moving from a day-rate consultancy to a productised service and on to developing a whole ecosystem of products. I know it works and I know how to make it work.

Practical and implementable

You’ll notice a theme in what clients say about my work. They pretty much all say “no-nonsense” or “no bullshit” and talk about the practical, tangible tools and advice I give, and the way they’ve been able to implement things immediately.

I’ve done my 10,000 hours

I’ve set up dozens of companies and supported over a thousand businesses in the last 20+ years. I live and breathe the world of small businesses and I’m always looking for what works. Not generic tools and techniques but what you need to do in your own unique situation.

How Productise Your Expertise works

Productise Your Expertise is a six-month programme starting in January 2022. That’s when you and an intrepid group of business owners will begin your journey of developing your product ecosystems. 

Here’s what you’ll cover: 

  • The difference between productising your services and building products
  • What makes a successful product – learn from others who have been on this journey 
  • The types of product – what your options are and which ones are the most profitable
  • What’s a product ecosystem and why you need more than one product
  • How you can best serve your customers – what do they think they need and what do they actually need?

The group will split into two tracks, you can follow either or both tracks.

Productised services track


If you want to simplify what you already provide, by productising some or all of your existing services

  • The foot-in-the-door product
  • Why you need a lead magnet or ethical bribe to kickstart your marketing
  • Productised services to lead clients to buy your full service versus productised services to enhance profitability and maximise sales

Products track

For people who want to make stand-alone products.

  • Product idea generation
  • Choosing the priority products
  • The simplest ways to get going with different types of product 
  • Early doors marketing to get the queue of customers started

We’ll all come back together again to work on setting up the systems to find those early adopter customers.

We’ll concentrate on a deep dive into your specific skill set and expertise, then package your knowledge into product form. This is where the rapid product development techniques come in, so that you avoid the trap of doing tons of work but never getting your product to market. 

Productise Your Expertise has lots of tips and tricks on how to make those products, based on my own hard-won experience of getting products to market and working with dozens of clients to develop their beautiful products.

What do you end up with after six months?

In six months, you’ll have a clear idea of how to scale through developing and selling an ecosystem of products based on your unique expertise. And you’ll have brought the first of these products to market.  The income will be going into your bank account – and you’ll be able to decide if you want to use it to replace your existing services income or just accrue it so that you make more money. 

And you’ll be set up to develop more products – you’ll have the encouragement of your first product sales and be in the swing of it by then.

There will be no stopping you. 


Productise Your Expertise

£1899 inc VAT
The next course starts in January 2022 - book now to make sure of your place on the journey.

Try Productise Your Expertise - Risk Free

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I’m thinking about doing your new course, but I’m a bit nervous about investing – it’s a big step for me. What happens if I join and then find it’s not right for me?

No problem. Just email me, and I’ll do a full refund straight back into your bank account.

Julia Chanteray

Productise Your Expertise

£1899 inc VAT

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