Workshop programme

Short workshops on the areas that come up over and over again with clients. Packed full with great tips from over 20 years of helping businesses just like yours. Some of these workshops are free shorties, others have a nominal fee because they’re longer and in-depth with more return on investment.

Get other people to sell for you

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses now on how to get referrals and recommendations.

Want to find out more about how to do this for your business? 

In-depth workshop on 20th October – 4 pm  £99 inc. VAT

How to write great subject lines

Your new superpower. Being able to write brilliant subject lines so that people stop ignoring you. Incredibly useful for email marketing and following up after a sales meeting. 

45mins free workshop 4 pm 17th November 


What to do after your sales meetings

The top things you need to do after a sales meeting to increase the chances of that lovely person going ahead and buying from you.

45 min free workshop on the 15th December


What makes a great About Us page?

How to improve your About Us page, to make your company stand out and stand for something. And to make folk want to buy from you.

45 mins free workshop on 16th February