Business speaker - Julia Chanteray

I’m a regular business speaker at conferences, exhibitions and networking groups.
I was the regular business expert on Channel 4’s Risking It All programme and I’ve appeared on BBC’s The Politics Show, the 6 o’clock News, and BBC Radio 4.

Business experience + great delivery = successful event

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How to do it talks

Event organisers book me to do longer talks at business conferences and events, where they want a talk around how to handle a particular area of business. You can see my talk above at the Life.Time.Value conference, where I was asked to talk about real people developing product businesses.
I love doing these kinds of talks, where I can draw on my experiences in business, look at what has worked with my clients and teach business people the skills they need to run a successful business.

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Small business issues

I am often asked to speak about the issues facing small businesses in the UK. I have spoken on this topic on various occasions for Channel 4 News, the Politics Show and at numerous business events. You may want me to speak about an issue which is in the news at present, such as changes in tax and how this will affect small businesses, or around wider business issues such as business ethics, or how global trading is linked to world peace.

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Politics and business

I am not your standard issue business person, so if you would like someone who can talk about business from a different political perspective, bringing a “refreshing breath of fresh air, free of your usual bullshit”, as one person commented, then maybe you would like to book me for a panel discussion. Read some of the “why” category blogs to get a flavour of what I might bring to your show. Swearing is not always included, if you’re worried about that.

Ideas for talks and workshops

How women do business differently to men

How to use email marketing to double your turnover (workshop)

Why small businesses are the future

What the government should be doing to support small businesses (but isn’t)

How much does it cost to book Julia to speak (or run a workshop)?

Brighton, London or Sussex £950-1500
Travel requiring an overnight stay - £1800 - 2500

Successful entrepreneur mindset

I love talking about this, as I have lots of stories to tell from my own experiences and from my clients to show you how your mindset really influences how far you can go in business. This talk is full of examples, practical tips for the audience to take away and apply to their own company, as well as ways to change their own mindsets to help them move forward. It’s funny, especially the parts about mistakes I’ve made in the past and have overcome.

This can be either a workshop or an interactive talk at an event. It works well for all types of business audiences, from startups to established business owners.

Some talks I love to do…

How I lost 4.8m

I’ve told this story a few times to business audiences, and made a few people’s jaws drop with surprise. Make sure you tell me if you really want the full story, or the edited highlights.
Here’s a link to an audio version of this talk (starts at 3.50)

How women do business differently to men

I have spoken about how women do business differently to men at the Women’s Institute, female tech entrepreneurs’ networking events, and for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. This area is undoubtedly one of my favourites to talk about and the response I usually get is one of great laughter but I also find that it sends my audience in profound thought.

The Price is Right

For some reason, people love this technical workshop about small business pricing. I think it may have something to do with how I get them to blind taste different brands of chocolate and vote for their favourite, which is never the most expensive. People also love it because it challenges them to completely change their prices, and to become profitable.

Talking at the Life Time Value conference