A happy client who wants to stay private

What would you say the biggest impact on your business of working with Julia Chanteray has been?

I am now clear on my role and how I will move the business forward. Sounds simple but actually, it’s massive.

Since the work you’ve done with Julia, what would you say is the “can’t-live-without-it” improvement it’s made to your work/life?

Julia really moved my thinking on from a place where it had been very stuck. She changed the way I look at the business, about business in general and has helped me be much more expansive in my thinking.

Imagine you were to talk to a friend about business coaching with Julia. What would you say about this that you’d be unlikely to say about any other business advice?

I was drawn in a bit by the fact that not many business coaches would use the word ‘joy’ in their business name or have a dandelion as their logo. I felt like maybe it showed someone who did things a bit differently, was an original thinker and might have some advice that was more relevant for me.

Julia understood our particular situation, despite the fact that it is quite complex. She manages to combine solid practical advice with engineering a shift in your thinking at a higher level. Almost without your realising it’s happening.

A happy client who wants to stay private

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