Paul Sharville


I’m a copywriter, which means that I mostly shun anything to do with numbers. Unfortunately, this will almost certainly affect how quickly I’m able to realise my dream of amassing a zillion pounds just by stringing together words in a clever-ish sort of way.

Fortunately, Julia loves business finance and strategy almost as much as I love stationery. I have attended her seminars on business pricing and they have been nothing short of illuminating.

I have also engaged Julia’s consultancy service privately; she came up with a pricing model for my bid writing service that was very good for my business, and popular with my clients. Julia is clever and great to work with.

One of the striking things about her is that, among the three-dimensional matrix of smart business thinking, she is very focused on what her clients want to achieve personally from their business. I found that to be particularly reassuring, and I have recently invested in a small calculator, such is my new found confidence.


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