All things business, social media and technical for our new Online Marketing Manager

Hi, my name is Assima and I’ve just joined Julia at The Joy of Business as an Online Marketing Manager, which means I will be doing all the exciting marketing and techy jobs for the business that Julia wants to do but can’t because you lovely people are taking up her precious time and becoming more successful through it. I’m new here but what I do know already is that Julia knows a hell of a lot about business and I am very much so looking forward to combining our strengths, so we can achieve some great things.

There are lots of new exciting things that will be happening here over the next few months and beyond, the first big one to look out for is the brand-new website which I will be working on behind the scenes and we can’t wait to get that up and running. By using all the clever tools out there, we are hoping the new site will help us reach out to larger number of small business owners who don’t know about Julia’s indispensable skills and how they can make a huge positive impact to their business.

And there’s a whole load of other stuff which I will be doing in the background which includes the launch of a new pricing resource pack for you to use in your business to make your life easier and I will be working with Julia to enable her to deliver new programmes and courses to help more people create successful businesses.

Aside from occupying myself in all things online, technical, business and social media, I am eagerly awaiting the next Game of Thrones series and will be watching it with my utmost attention, especially when Khaleesi is on!  As well as getting back into cycling and learning to ride a bike again (much to my children’s amusement). And now my dilemma is: do I get an electric bike or a manual one?

That’s enough about me! So, if something I’ve said has piqued your interest, business or Game of Thrones related and you want to drop me an email please do so, it’s even if it’s your recommendation on a bike I’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

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