Overcoming the barriers to business growth – workshop 31st January

I’m running a workshop to help you overcome the barriers to business growth.  There are only 25 places, so this is advance notice for you special people.

Overcoming the barriers to business growth – what it’s all about

This workshop is a re-run of a couple of workshops I ran in the summer. They worked really well, and people really enjoyed looking at their businesses differently, and getting some new ideas.

I’ll be taking you through lots of new ideas about how to grow your business.  We’ll be completely ditching those old fashioned ideas where you grow incrementally, getting a few new customers and then getting a few new staff to look after them.  Instead, we’ll be looking at how you can structure your business for the 21st century, using new ways of working so that you can grow it intelligently.

That means that there’s much more potential for higher growth rates, and better profits for you, without having to grind away at the old boring (and often broken) business models.  It will definitely follow my business philosophy of helping you to make more money, and have more fun while you do it.

Specifically, what we’ll look at

We’ll be working in small groups, so you’ll get lots of ideas from like minded business people who are also interested in serious growth.  Some of us will look at how we get money into our businesses, so we can afford to invest.  I’ll be on hand with lots of practical advice about how to bring in the cash in different ways.

We’ll look at pricing and how you can structure what you sell (and how you market it) to make sure that you’re charging the right price for your customers, and that you have enough happy customers at the right price.  We’ll also be looking at some ideas for making sure that you keep making money from your favourite customers.

Plus, we will be looking at marketing challenges, and thinking about new ways of marketing to keep a steady flow of new clients and customers.  The workshop will help you to be able to position what you sell in a new way, so you’ll have no trouble attracting new people, and use great marketing techniques you might not have used before to bring in new clients who want to work with you.

And (this was actually the most popular group) we’ll also look at how to use new ways of working, whether you’re a single person business which just needs some extra help to make things happen faster, or a bigger business which has difficulty finding the right people to help them grow. There were some brilliant suggestions from this group last time.

How to get a place on overcoming the barriers to business growth

There are just 25 places, and January is the time when everyone is thinking about how to grow their business for the new year, so make sure you book early.  If you’re seriously ambitious for your business, this is the workshop you should come on.  And if you’re thinking about getting some business advice, and want to get a feel for how I work and if I’d be the best business coach for you, then this is a good way to check me out.

This workshop is being run through the Brighton Chamber, so it’s ridiculously cheap, at just £39 for members and £49 for non-members.  You can come along if you’re not based in Brighton, as long as you can get to central Brighton for the 31st January.

Here’s how to book your place on overcoming the barriers to business growth…

What people said about the overcoming the barriers to business growth session I ran in 2016

Here are some of the comments on the first two versions of this workshop I ran earlier this year.

“Took me out of my day-to-day experience to get some perspective”

“I liked Julia’s business vignettes to highlight various problems/challenges”

“Great speaker, pitched right, good tips, relaxed”