Recruiting – Online marketing manager

I’m looking for someone who is keen to develop their skills in online marketing to come and help me with marketing my digital products and face to face business coaching and mentoring services at the Joy of Business.  This job is virtual, so you may be in Brighton or anywhere in the world.

This position will start in May/June 2017. You’ll be able to greatly expand your knowledge of online marketing with some practical projects, while helping me to make the most of my busy website.

The job is for 2 days or 15 hours per week, with flexible working to suit you, although you’ll have to be available for calls/meetings within my office hours of 10-6 UK time.  You might be a recent graduate looking to get client side experience of online marketing.  You might be returning to work after having a break to have children, or you may want to work part time while you travel.

The salary is 22-25k pa pro rata, depending on experience.


You’ll be involved in:

  • Content strategy for blogging
  • Managing the Facebook ads campaign
  • Developing lead magnets and building the email list
  • Video marketing
  • A product launch
  • Automating the sales process using online tools


I’m looking for someone who is:

  • Interested in online marketing and wants to learn more
  • Interested in small businesses, maybe with a view to launching your own one day
  • Wants to be involved with a vibrant brand which is expanding into new areas
  • Comfortable and proficient with using online/cloud based software (you’ll get full training in any of the areas you’re not familiar with)
  • A very high standard of literacy and tonnes of visual and written creativity
  • Extremely detail oriented, no typos allowed
  • Able to manage your own workload, and prioritise tasks
  • Able to work on your own and without supervision
  • Interested in learning new skills and new software



If you’re looking for a career in online marketing, and want to build some solid experience and develop a bunch of new skills, this is definitely a great role for you.

Typical job activities

This role is very varied, so on any particular day you might be:

  • Proofing copy for blogs, books, and products
  • Designing course handouts
  • Uploading blog posts and finding images
  • Designing e-books
  • Improving the SEO on an old blog post
  • Setting up an email automation series
  • Monitoring FB ads
  • Running a closed FB group for course participants

Some of the jobs will be super interesting, like working on content strategy, and some will be repetitive and will require rolling up your sleeves and getting on with it, like checking website content and tweaking SEO.

Practical details

Office hours are 10-6, Monday to Friday, UK time.  The hours of work will be 15 hours per week, and these can be worked as flexibly as you wish.  If you’re Brighton based, you may be working part of the time from the office in Palmeira Square, or you may be entirely virtual, checking in with me on Skype and email.

You have the option of applying for this as a salaried role, paid through a UK company, where you need to be eligible to work in the UK/EU, or you can apply for this role as a self employed contractor, so you’ll need to be actually self employed with other clients.

How to apply

I’m expecting quite a few people to apply for this role, because it’s a really great opportunity.  So, please follow the instructions below carefully, because this is the first test.

Email me with your answers to all of the following questions, with a max of 300 words per answer, plus a copy of your cv/resume.

  1. Tell me about a complex challenge you’ve had to co-ordinate
  2. I’m about to completely change the Joy of Business website.  What are the top 3 changes you would make if you were the online marketing manager? And why would you make these particular changes?
  3. Tell me about an online campaign, website or email series you’ve been involved in putting together (with a link if possible) and tell me which were your favourite parts and why.

Please do not email me with queries about the job before applying as above, because I’m afraid I won’t be able to reply.

Photo credit – Brighton by Berit Watkin