Remarkable Business is now open!

The Remarkable Business programme, my alternative to business coaching, is now open after months of careful planning! But you have to book your place by the 20th September so get in quick.

What’s the Remarkable Business programme?

It’s a six month programme of support for people who want to get support, advice, resources, help to boost their business. And I’m really excited about it.

I’ve been really excited about it for months, but now it’s here.

There’s going to be a great group of people (judging by the folk who have already got themselves onto the priority list) who I’m going to work with over the next 6 months.

The Remarkable Business programme is a mix of online workshops, group support and one to one sessions with me. Plus, some pretty cool tools and resources which encapsulate a lot of what I go through with my business coaching clients.

We’ll be working on getting the right strategy in place for your business, and at the same time supporting you in developing the skills you need to run a successful and remarkable business. Skills like pricing, online marketing, negotiation, plus a lot of work on productivity and mindset.

Exactly what is the process you’re using here?

I’ve designed it very carefully to give the equivalent results to a full year of business coaching. And to be much more than just an online group or video course.

We’ll start off with a deep dive into the right strategy for your business, and getting clear about the results you want to generate from your company.

And then we’ll be working on skill development. Most of the people I work with are already pretty good at what they do, but they need help with the business skills. Which of course are the ones you need to get good at making money. The Remarkable Business programme is totally focused on helping you to make the money you need to live a good life and have fun while you’re doing it.

The Remarkable Business programme will include:

  • An online workshop every two weeks to bring everyone together to learn together
  • A secure online group so I can help and advise people, and the group can support one another
  • Small group sessions (like in a live workshop where you break into small groups) to practice key skills
  • Video and written resources to boost your skills and give you templates to apply in your business. These alone will give you a massive shortcut to building a successful business
  • The opportunity to book one to one sessions with me to talk about specific issues going on in your business.
  • Accountability sessions within your small groups to make sure that you’re doing the priority things which will make a difference to your business.

How much time does this take up?

I know – you’ve got a business to run and you’re busy.

You need to be able to spend at least 2 hours a week over the next 6 months on the  programme to get the benefits. You’re allowed a holiday or two though, you can easily catch up later.

How is this different to business coaching?

I’ve been doing one to one business coaching here at the Joy of Business for the past 18 years. I’ve taken all the elements of the one to one coaching, everything I’ve learnt from those hundreds of businesses and combined it into this programme.

So it has all the good stuff of the business coaching. But to be honest, for some people, I think this is a better option or at least an alternative to business coaching. Because as well as getting specific advice from me, you get all the help, support and wisdom from your group. And this is organised support, not just an online forum – you’ll be asked to identify your key actions and goals, and your buddies in your ally group will make sure you get into action with these.

If I had the choice between one to one sessions with me, or doing the Remarkable Business programme, I’d go for Remarkable Business as an alternative to business coaching.

If it’s better, is it more expensive?

remarkable business programme, an alternative to business coaching

One to one business coaching with me would cost you at least £750 + VAT per month. Most people pay more than this because of my sliding scale.

One of the reasons why I’ve put together this programme is because I’ve had coffee and cake with a lot of really lovely people who would like some business coaching with me, but they just can’t justify that kind of investment.

And I walk away thinking that I’d really like to work with them, and I can see how I could help, but also knowing that they probably don’t have the money right now. It’s a chicken and egg situation – their business could make more money with my help, but they don’t have the money to invest in business coaching.

And my list for business coaching is pretty full – it’s been kind of one in, one out, for a while now.

That’s why I put all of this together, so I can help more people, offer a high quality alternative to business coaching, and still make some money for myself.

Remarkable Business is £1550 for the full 6 month programme. There’s an instalment plan as well.

Okay, I’m interested – what do I do now?

You need to book a place before the 20th September. Just click over here, decide how you want to pay, and you’re in. I’ll see you in the VIP client area.

Book a place on Remarkable Business 2019

I want to know a bit more before I commit

Fair enough, you want to be sure that this is right for you. Here are the full details of who it’s for, what to expect, and what you get. And here is the FAQ page with some of the questions people have been asking too.

What if it’s not right for me?

If you sign up for Remarkable Business and get stuck into doing the work, coming to the workshops and using the tools, and then you decide that it’s not producing results for you, just let me know, and I’ll refund all your money. No problem.

It’s important to me that this works for people – the whole point of what I do is to help people to grow successful businesses.

Reassured? – here’s how to get your place


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