Why the Royal wedding is bad for business

Now I’m not a big fan of the Royal family so some might say that I’m biased here.  Well, I am biased, but I think there are also some really good reasons why this wedding is bad for business.  Here’s why.

Update – this article was originally written some years ago when there was a royal wedding on, and this annoyed me. I kept the article because I think the point can still be made about disruption to business by randomly imposed bank holidays and because it’s still quite funny.

There may or may not be an extra bank holiday for the royal wedding in May 2018. Maybe the government will take my advice seriously this time 🙂 

We’re all closed

Over the last two weeks, it seems like no one has been able to get a decision made, close an order, or get any work done.

I know this is super hypocritical from someone who spent last week eating cheese, drinking wine and floating round in a spa in France, but I doubt that a week off for Julia will really cause the entire economy to close down.  But giving extra bank holidays to encourage everyone to take two weeks off all at the same time has caused an enormous traffic jam in business.

Just in my own little world, I’m waiting for designs back from the design company where half the staff are off this week, waiting for a decision on a 100k equity funding deal for a client (no one’s answering the phone there) and sales are down this week for pretty much all of my clients.

After the traffic jam

After a traffic jam, once the lights change back to green on Monday, business will be slower.  This happens every year in January when it takes a couple of weeks for everyone to get back into work mode.

The momentum will have been lost. And given that the economy is currently described as “plateauing” and times are not easy for small businesses, we could do with all the momentum we can get.

But it makes people happy…

Yes, I’m sure that lots of people will be very happy tomorrow with their street parties, bunting and ironic Prince Philip masks.

And I’m happy that they’ll be happy, even if this article sounds like I’m a miserable old thing. I’ll be happy tomorrow because I’ll have a lovely quiet day absorbed in some fascinating financial modelling.  Different fun for different people, I guess.

But do we all need to party at the same time? Couldn’t we all create things, run businesses, drink beer, sing silly songs, but in our own way, and whenever we want to, not just because someone decided that it would be a good time to have an extra bank holiday.