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I'm Julia Chanteray and I want to tell you about Recipes for Business Success.

I’ve used all my experience in business to compile a gourmet menu of brilliant business start-up ideas. You can begin yours tomorrow with my library of money making ideas, an Internet connection and some credit on your phone.

Wouldn’t you love to run a successful business? To regain control of your life, get a better lifestyle and a sense of freedom?

Yes, you’d love to run a business. You’re just not sure which business.

Maybe you need some fresh thinking and some new business ideas...​

A menu of brilliant start-up ideas

That Sunday-night feeling isn’t nice, is it? The weekend’s over and it’s back to the job you hate in the morning. Gets you right in the gut, doesn’t it?

If that rings true, Recipes for Business Success is for you. I’ve used my vast business experience to compile an exclusive menu of business start-up ideas.

Each month, you’ll get step-by-step guidance on how each business model works, what you need to take into account, and how to get started.

But maybe you’ve found a bunch of business ideas online already? Yes, but they tend to be the same rehashed business ideas – gardening or babysitting. With respect, they’re not going to change your life.

Mine can.

I’ll tell you how much you can expect to earn and how much you’ll need to invest.

There are business ideas here if you’ve got ambitious plans. Business ideas if you want to be a millionaire in double-quick time (with lots of hard work). And yes, there are business ideas here that don’t need a single penny of working capital.

Each month, you’ll get step-by-step guidance on how each business model works, what you need to take into account, and how to get started.

Get started tomorrow

All you need to get going tomorrow are Internet access and some credit on your phone.

Of course, I don’t know if you can pull this off. What I do know is that, in the right hands, all these business ideas have the potential to make good money. Very good money.

In fact, I’ve thrown out dozens of non-starters. I’ve done the hard work for you. And I’m adding new ideas every month, so the list keeps growing.  You get complete access to all the resources, in a member only part of the site, so you get more ideas as I add them

The right business ideas for you

If you've been frustrated by finding the right idea, the one that's going to fit with how much money you want to make, how much you've got to invest, and the skills and experience you have to put into a new business, this is exactly the right place for you. 

It takes guts to set up a new business.  It also takes a business idea which is going to work in practice and stand out in the crowd.  I know that these ideas are great ones that can work for all kinds of people.  And I've included lots of guidance in each "recipe" to help you get started and make the most of it.​

There are plenty of free business ideas out there on the internet. Sadly, they’re out of date because people are doing them already.

You’re different. Because you’re looking for something new and unique.

These are niche ideas. You won’t find them on any other list. Many are based on a very specific service or product that addresses the needs of a deep niche in the market. My experience has shown that this allows you to charge higher prices and enjoy better customer loyalty.​

Get going today with lifetime access for just £39

What’s £39? The cost of a few fancy coffees or a meal out? You could easily spend that and have nothing to show for it.

But with a subscription to Recipes for Business Success, that £39 could lead to a new life of freedom and prosperity, and the amazing feeling of having built something from nothing.  

So let’s take the first step right away.

How it works

Subscribing to Recipes for Business Success is like having the best business ideas delivered on a plate. It’s a comprehensive menu of great ideas, that are sure to work in practice.

As a main course, you’ll get a detailed guide on how the business model works, what you need to take into account, and how to get started.

Each "recipe" for a new business idea comes with an honest and realistic guide on how much money you could make with that idea. You’ll learn how much you need to set up (from zero to £150k) and when you’ll start seeing a return on your investment.

In short, you'll get:

  • Dozens of great ideas for new businesses
  • Variations on each recipe
  • A detailed guide on how to get going, and how much investment each idea will need
  • Details of how each idea works in practice
  • How to work out which ideas are going to suit you - and the ones to avoid
  • New ideas added each month
  • Audio and video versions of many of the recipes

business ideas

About me, Julia Chanteray

Business runs through me like the lettering on Brighton rock. It all began at the age of 24, setting up social enterprises in a deprived area of Edinburgh. This is where I first learnt how to run businesses, juggle projects and put into practice the theory I picked up on my MBA.

Since then, I’ve run many successful businesses, among them a housing association and a management-development company. As Operations Director, I took a technology company from seven members of staff in a tiny office to a 50-strong business ready to float on AIM in 18 months.

After moving to Brighton, I set up Joy of Business, my business-advisory consultancy.

Life’s been pretty hectic since then.

Along the way, I’ve been President of the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce and regularly talk about business issues for TV and radio. I was the resident business expert on Channel 4’s Risking It All programme. Right now, I’m writing a book about pricing for small firms.

Through Joy of Business, I’ve mentored hundreds of companies in Brighton, London and across the UK. They benefit from my own business experience, the theory I picked up on my MBA, and my obsessive reading of the latest business books.

Into the melting pot also goes everything I’ve learned in 15 years of working in-depth with all sorts of firms – especially small ones.

In 2016, I launched Recipes for Business Success to guide people like you, people who want to run a business, but aren't sure which one to choose.


You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

Will these ideas work for you? What if you’ve got no money? How do you know they’re any good? And many more.

Will any of these business ideas work for me?

In each business idea, I talk in detail about the kind of people it will work for. That way, you can instantly rule out any that won’t work for you.

You can’t run a shared-economy rural taxi service without a driving licence, and you can’t be a receipt organiser without a great eye for detail and a high tolerance for repetitive tasks.

There’s sure to be something you can get your teeth into. And you’ll get detailed advice that includes how to set up that business, and the tricks of the trade that make it work and make money for you.

The ideas cover start-ups with no money at all, to more-ambitious schemes and even ideas that could make you very wealthy in a short space of time (with hard work).

Find your next business idea today...

I'm broke - how can I possibly start a business?

It’s true, some of these business ideas need £10k or even £100k to get off the ground. But there are ideas here that need only Internet access and a phone with some credit (for sales calls). Be aware, though, that they’re the ones that take longer to scale up – but they can make the big money.

If you don’t have much to invest, you can start with a budget idea, save some money and then reinvest it in a bigger business. That’s how many successful business people cut their teeth – and learned loads in the process.

There are even ideas here if you’re a student or looking after young children and want a business that brings in extra cash on the side.

Find your next business idea today...

How do you know these ideas work?

I don’t. I just give you the ammo. It’s up to you to fire it. What I do know is that these are all solid business ideas. In the right hands, they’ll make great money. I’ve even discarded dozens because I felt they didn’t cut it. So I’ve done the hard yards for you.

Elsewhere on my site, you’ll also find plenty of tips on running your business, and you can always use my business mentoring and coaching services to help you succeed.

Find your next business idea today...

Will I make any money?

Most of your success will be down to your own hard work. But I set up Recipes for Business Success because, as a business coach, I saw many people whose business ideas didn’t allow them to make much profit. I’ve helped lots of people reposition their business and give them better ideas.

I’ve been doing this for over 15 years and have been obsessed with how successful businesses work for more than 25 years. I’ve talked to hundreds of businesses about what makes them special, and read dozens of business books. I’m confident there are lots of great ideas here.

It's worth £39 to find out, isn't it?

Find your next business idea today...

But I can get business ideas off the internet for free...

True, but they’re not very inspiring. We’re talking about ‘Become a copywriter and work from your bed in your PJs’ or ‘Make thousands selling bits and bobs on eBay’.

I’m not interested in ideas that everyone’s doing, or those that won’t make a profit. That’s why I set up Recipes for Business Success – to give ambitious people like you access to unique ideas that will make good money.

Also, I’m a businesswoman. It seems only fair to charge you a modest sum for benefiting from my hard work.

Find your next business idea today...

Do I have to subscribe forever?

No. You'll get access to all the ideas and resources on getting going forever, for a one off fee of £39.  So if you want to investigate a particular idea for a while, and decide that's not the right one for you, you can come back and find a different idea. There’s nothing else to pay. 

Some people stay members for longer because they enjoy mulling over new possibilities, while others are still looking for exactly the right thing or weighing up a couple of options.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the perfect business opportunity straight away. How good would that be? Set up for life for just £39!

Find your next business idea today...

English isn't my first language - can I still run a business?

Yes. Not all of the recipes will work for you if your English isn’t great, but some will. I’ve clearly indicated on each recipe which ones will need good sales copy or need you to talk to customers face-to-face.

Many immigrants leave their home country with a determination to succeed. You’ve shown that you’re resilient and resourceful, and those are the qualities you’ll need to succeed in business.

Find your next business idea today...



£39.00 (VAT incl.)