Business advisor Julia Chanteray

I’m a business advisor specialising in working with small businesses. I’m a trusted friend and business advisor for companies in Brighton, London, across the UK and internationally.

I specialise in working with small but ambitious companies with less than 50 employees, sometimes with just one or two people. I love this size of company and get very excited about the potential in my clients.


I also run Adventures in Products, advising on how to productise your expertise.

What is a business advisor?

Being a business advisor is all about helping you to get the right strategy to build a successful company and supporting you to put that strategy into action. I often say that I help small business owners to make more money and have more fun while they’re doing it.

I’ve been running different companies since I was 24. That’s 33 years of solid business experience. I’ve run social enterprises, technology companies, and a training company. You can find out more about my background and experience here.

I’ve been running the Joy of Business since I moved to Brighton in 2001. I became an online business advisor 7 years ago, and now all of my work is with clients over Zoom.

What can a business advisor do for your company?

A good business advisor will look at your business and work out with you what the best way forward is and helping you to develop a clear strategy for your company.

Every small business is different. Sometimes we focus on how to maximise profits. At other times this is how to grow the business to sell it in a few years’ time, so the founder can exit and retire. And sometimes, it’s to work out how to balance making the kind of income you want with the lifestyle you want to have, the kind of work you want to do and the impact you want to make in the world.

A great small business advisor will also be able to support you in how to make those changes. As well as being really clear on the strategy, the goals and the way forward, a great business advisor will help you with all the areas you need to be able to get into action to develop your business in the way you want.

This might be helping you to get to grips with the latest in online marketing, supporting you with developing your sales skills or how to build your pipeline. Many founders need help with managing and building a team that performs well and developing the right company culture for them. And sometimes, you need a business advisor when your business is in a bit of trouble and you need some help to see how to get out of difficulty.

Help you with the emotional parts of running a business

You need someone who is completely on your side, believes in you and has the emotional intelligence and communication skills to support you, to be there for when things go well and when you’re experiencing those challenges that running a small business can bring.

I’ve been there before and experienced the highs and lows of running several fast-growing small businesses, so I can empathise with what my clients are going through.

I only ever work with companies where I believe that the business has the potential to grow and develop. And that starts with an online coffee and a chat first, where we can work out if I’m the right business advisor to help you.

My style as a small business advisor

I’m not the right business advisor for everyone. I am known for my plain speaking, no-bullshit approach. I see my role as to challenge your thinking and to push you that little bit further when you need me to to.

Some people need more gentle handling and a more life coaching approach, and some people just want a sounding board for their own ideas – In these cases, I probably wouldn’t be the right business advisor for you.

I get very excited and ambitious for my clients and have been known to jump up and down when they email me to tell me about something good happening that day. Often, because I’m not in your business every day, I can see the potential of your company more clearly than you can. My clients often say that they love coming to our sessions because they go away filled with enthusiasm and ideas for what they’re going to do next.

I’m focused on helping my clients to make good money. In fact, my first book Sweetspot Pricing, is all about how to boost your profits by getting your pricing right and marketing your business to get people to buy at the price you need to charge.

I’m very comfortable talking about finance and take pride in being able to talk about the technical side of finance and business in a way that my clients can easily understand.

In fact, one of the best compliments I ever got from a client was someone who said: “You’re pretty strange, Julia, because you get finance and marketing, both at the same time.” I didn’t realise at the time that this was unusual, but she was right.

What kind of companies do I work with?

I specialise in working with companies with less than 50 employees, where the owner wants to grow the business. I love working across different sectors because I get to learn all about tofu manufacturing or adventure holidays.

I find that it helps that I don’t know everything about a particular sector because my client already knows tons about what they do. My role is to share and apply my knowledge of how to make money from that kind of business model.

I do a lot of work with software and technology companies, probably because I spent time working in tech, and I love the potential of these kinds of businesses. I’ve worked with a number of e-commerce companies, where I’ve developed a number of methodologies for boosting profits.

One of my favourite ways to scale a business is through productising, and I’ve developed a deep knowledge of different product-based business models.

Working with me as your online business advisor

We meet up online twice a month to work out the right strategy for your company. And then we continue meeting so I can be there to support you in implementing that strategy and tweaking it along the way.

That’s where all the clever tactics come in. I’m also available between meetings by phone and by email, so you can get advice on any tricky situations that come up along the way. In fact, the clients who tap into my experience and expertise between meetings are the ones that move forward fastest.

There’s no minimum contract, but most of my clients stay with me for 6 – 12 months.

What would I get out of working with you?

Clients say they feel more confident about running their businesses. And that their business moves forward faster with my help. I’ve worked with hundreds of different companies, and I see it as my job to keep up to date with current trends so I know what works and what doesn’t. Clients feel happier when we agree on a clear strategy, and this means that they can get into action on their business without worrying about whether they’re doing the right thing or not.

We’ll definitely focus on making your business more profitable. But we’ll also look at how we can make it more efficient. Which, of course, often means that it’s more profitable as well.

We’ll increase efficiency by cutting out the things you don’t need to do and concentrating on the actions which will make a real difference. And even in the smallest business, you can make massive steps forward by adding easy automation to your processes, bringing in modern best practices, or using the right software for the job.

Here's a (sort of) objective guide to choosing the right business advisor for you.
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The results my clients get

Clients often come to me because they want some support in getting more customers and bringing in more business. Supporting people in getting their marketing right is a big part of my work, and this is the most obvious early indicator that things have changed.

New pipeline

Trudy (not her real name) had just lost 15 customers when we started working together because a competitor had targeted them. We worked on her business development pipeline, set up a new process and within 3 months she had 12 new clients and a prospect list of 80 new people.


Simon ran a marketing agency with 6 people. He wanted to grow, and make more money, but didn’t want to go above 10 members of staff. We worked on a strategy which would enable him to bring in better-paying work and bigger jobs, designed some new roles so the team worked better together and put in a new marketing plan. He’s running 20k above the targets we set and takes Fridays off now.

1.7 Million turnover

Frances came to me for advice on how to close down his e-commerce company. We turned it around in 6 months by completely reviewing his strategy and changing how he did business. It’s now turning over 1.7m and making a good profit. Frances came back for some more advice about a new company he’s starting as a side business, now he has the time.

How can we work together?

You can come to me for one-to-one business advice, and we’ll meet twice a month to help you move your business forward.


Here’s how to get in touch to arrange a chat about working together.

Let’s talk

If that feels too early for you and you’re just looking around at the moment, that’s fine. You can get my regular email tips on growing a business right here, and we can stay in touch.

I’d like to find out more about Julia Chanteray before getting together

Sure. I’ve put together some more background information about me, my background, qualifications and my philosophy in business.

Business advisor - Frequently asked questions

How much do business advisors charge?

I have a sliding scale of fees, depending on where your business is right now and how much extra money I think you’ll make as a result of working with me. My business advisor fees are between £1500 and £3000 per month.

Are you an international business advisor?

I’m based in the UK, but I work with clients all over the world. At the moment, I have clients in Brussels, Turin, Athens (the US one, not the Greek one) London, Goa and my home town of Brighton on the south coast of England.

How do I find a small business advisor near me?

I suggest that you don’t bother to even try to find a small business advisor near you. You need the best possible person to support you and the growth of your company, and the best person might not be near you.

Working with an online business advisor is convenient and time effective. Many of my clients thought that they needed someone near to them, in fact several people have travelled to Brighton for the first meeting. But once we’ve settled into our regular Zoom meetings, people often find that it’s easier to talk about the important stuff online.

Even if we don’t end up working together, I suggest that you keep your search wide and look for an online business advisor.

My accountant says they're a business advisor, do I need an extra person?

I know, many accountants claim to be business advisors. I wish they were, to be honest, because I spend a lot of my time going over financial statements and accounting issues which my client’s accountants should have fixed. Now I love to get down with a profit and loss account and see what picture it paints, but I’m often shocked at the lack of advice coming from a client’s accountant.

And even the best accountants struggle to advise clients about online marketing, branding and team development because this is simply not their area of interest or expertise.

Guide to choosing the right business coach

Here's a guide to choosing the right business coach/mentor or advisor for you. You can download it here, and i'll send you a few emails to follow up with some advice for growing your business.
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