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Do you want to take your business to the next level? Would you like help and support from Julia Chanteray, one of the most experienced business coaches in the UK?


What are you looking for in your business coach?

Here are some of the reasons entrepreneurs and business owners work with Julia Chanteray as their business coach:
1 .

Your business is doing okay, but it could do more...

You feel that it could be doing better. You want some help to make changes in your business. Maybe you want to increase profits, work with more clients, make more of an impact in the world, or work in a different way. And you want an experienced business coach to support you in moving forward, a trusted advisor with a wealth of experience to help you grow your business.

2 .

You want to scale up

You have big ideas and ambitions. You want your business to be so much more, but you’re not yet clear how to get there. Or even if it’s possible to achieve your ambitions. Business coaching for entrepreneurs gives you the confidence to aim higher and create something bigger, and to make your dreams of a bigger future into concrete plans you can start implementing now.

3 .

You need practical tools and advice

Business coaching clients say that they appreciate my practical experience, knowledge of the latest tools and techniques, and modern approaches to marketing and business growth. We work on the big picture visioning, your strategy for where you want to take your business, and I’m here for you with workable solutions for each step of the way.

4 .

To change direction

You might need a business coach to help you to change direction in your business. Maybe what you’re doing at the moment isn’t working anymore, or you want to do something quite different, maybe something more in line with your values. You can use my business coaching services to work out a new strategic direction for your business and get support in making that change. Warning – sometimes this results in a complete change in what you do and who you do it for.

5 .

Or...It’s all going a bit wrong

Some of my business coaching clients come to me because they’re in trouble and need help. Maybe you’ve lost sales, or your profits have disappeared. You don’t understand why it’s not working any more – or maybe you do but you don’t know what to do about it. If this is you, let’s have a coffee and chat and see how we’re going to fix this.

How business coaching works in practice

We meet every two weeks to work out the right strategy for your business. I’ll help you to get your marketing right, to create the right team around you, work out your pricing…everything that you need in place to create a successful company

I also support you between coaching sessions. When you need help negotiating a deal, I’m here to help you get it right. When you rewrite the copy for your website, I’ll be tweaking it for you to make it convert more sales. If you have a crisis, you call me first and we work out what to do.

You get the hard business strategy and tactics learnt over many years of doing this, plus a trusted friend you can rely on to be in your corner.

I'm based in Brighton, but my business coaching services cover all over the UK and beyond. All our sessions are on Zoom, so I don't have to be near you.

Don't forget that I also run programmes and courses for people who want to build product-based businesses over at Adventures in Products.

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What could you achieve with the right business coach?

I’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the last 20+ years, but for me, I think the difference my business coaching services make can be summed up by a conversation I had last year. I bumped into a client in the street. He stopped me and said:

“Hi, Julia – do you remember me? You were our business coach about 10 years ago. I’ve always meant to get in touch and thank you for your help. We’ve been selling that product you helped us to come up with ever since, and we’ve just paid off our mortgage because of it. Thank you so much – it really helped.”

I was smiling for the rest of the day after that.

Here’s what some lovely people have said about working with me as their business coach:

Federico Tomassetti - Strumenta

“Helps us move ahead more confidently”

“Identify your blind spots, because you don’t know what you don’t know. Julia can tell you what you don’t know and you can fix that.”

What kind of people need a business coach?

Business owners and entrepreneurs work with a business coach either when they want to step up and grow their business, or when they want to make some big changes. These are some of the reasons people have said they’ve looked for coaching for their business.

  • Not earning enough money in spite of working hard
  • Working too many hours and never being able to take a proper holiday.
  • When you already have a successful business and you want to push it to the next level to see how far you can go with this
  • When you recognise that you need to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur, especially when your business is growing and you don’t have experience at this level of the game
  • You’re earning decent money, but you no longer feel a connection to the work you’re doing or the clients you work for
  • You’re worried about what the future will bring and you want to get your business in shape. This one is especially true at the moment for UK businesses with the challenges of recession, Covid, and Brexit.

What kind of businesses do you coach?

I only work with companies with less than 30 employees – quite a lot of my clients are one or two-person businesses or small teams. Part of why I love my work is that I get to work with all kinds of people running very different sorts of companies, and I learn about all kinds of things from tofu manufacturing to digital publishing.

You might be in one of my specialist areas – I’m the business coach for e-commerce companies, software and online tech businesses, and a wide variety of training and consultancy companies. And you can see how I support people who want to switch from services to products at my other site, Adventures in Products. But I’ve also coached entrepreneurs in childcare, video scripts, video production plus virtual assistants, conference organisers, copywriters and entertainment agencies.

And because I’m clear about my own values and the need for business to be a force for good in the world, value-driven, ethical and environmental businesses recognise a kindred spirit when they meet me.

I work with people who are happy to remain as a small business but want to make that company as successful as they can. And I’m the coach for entrepreneurs who are on a mission to scale their business dramatically. Some of my business coaching clients want to sell for a few million in 5 years’ time, and I’m here to help them do just that. Others are not motivated by money but want to maximise a positive impact in the world.

Here are Miranda and Nick talking about how business coaching worked for them

What does my business coaching cost?

from £1500 - 3000 per month
I have a sliding scale of fees between £1500 and £3000+ VAT per month.

Guide to choosing the right business coach

Here's a guide to choosing the right business coach/mentor or advisor for you. You can download it here, and i'll send you a few emails to follow up with some advice for growing your business.
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