Business coaching with Julia Chanteray

One to one intensive support to completely revolutionise your business. We work together to take your business apart, build on what’s going well, fix what’s not working and then put it back together again. Your company will never be the same again.

knowledge + support = success

I help small business owners to make more money and have more fun.
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I’ll challenge you by finding fresh ways to think about your business, especially new ways in which your business could be making more money for you. Often clients come to me because they’ve got stuck in a business which isn’t really doing what they want it to do, and they want some life injected into it. We’ll find a new direction for your business, whether that’s adding in a new service, doing your marketing in a different way, or organising how you do your work in a new way.

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In the first couple of meetings we’ll come up with a brand new strategy for your business. And we’ll find some quick wins, like the client I helped to sort out his CRM system, nudge some people he’d done proposals for and get 18k of new business signed up, all within 2 weeks.  Or the client I advised to increase her price by 25% each time she did a new pitch, until people started mentioning the price.

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Once we’ve agreed the right direction to go in for your business, I’m there to support you with all areas you need to get into action with.  That might mean helping you choose a designer for a new website, or drafting up a new proposal format for your pitches.  Or helping you work through the customer journey to make sure you don’t lose any potential customers. I’ve worked with several hundred different companies, so you can tap into all my experience of what works.

How my business coaching works in practice

We meet every two weeks to work out the right strategy for your business. I’ll help you to get your marketing right, to create the right team around you, work out your pricing…everything that you need in place to create a successful company

I also support you between sessions by phone and email. When you need help negotiating a deal with a supplier, I’m there to help you get it right. When you rewrite the copy for your website, I’ll be tweaking it for you to make it convert more sales. If you have a crisis, you call me to work out what to do next.

You get the hard business strategy and tactics learnt over many years of doing this, plus a trusted friend you can rely on to be in your corner, looking out for you.

If you’re in Brighton, we can meet face to face in my office, or we talk over Skype if you’re elsewhere in the world.

What does my business coaching cost?

from £700+ per month
How much you pay is based on where your business is now. If you have a small business you’ll pay £700 per month, and if you have a bigger business, you’ll pay a bit more.

Will I make more money by working with you?

If you have a good business with the potential to make more money, and you get into action and apply the things you need to do to get it working, you’ll definitely make more money and make it faster than trying to do this on your own. I only take on clients I think have the potential to make at least 50k a year, which means they’ll make a good solid return on investment from the fees they pay me.

I see these kind of results all the time, and frequently do a little dance of joy in my office when someone I’ve worked with years before tells me how their business continues to grow
and evolve.

Here are some of the results I’ve seen:

£117,000 profit

A company which was making a 68k loss, turned into a 117k net profit within 2 years, once we’d addressed their pricing and business systems. I’m now working with the owner on how she can retire from the business, without selling it.

£450,000 turnover

An agency which had just started up, after the owner had returned to the UK from a year travelling when she’d sold her previous business. She thought she had a little hobby/fun business, but we turned it into a business which turns over 450k.

30 new staff

A web development agency which had 3 staff and was just breaking even. Within 18 months, profits were 72k and now they now employ 30 people, and work all over the world.
What my clients say
"Julia has inspired me. She saw things in my experience and skills that I’d never seen as valuable; she identified possible new directions for my business and she helped me develop new ideas and ways of putting them into practice that are already making a real difference to me and my business"
Steve Bustin - Vada Media
coffee + cake = wisdom
If you’re not sure what you need help with or how I can help you, then let's have a chat.
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