Scale your business more easily

Make growing your business easier and simpler. Reduce the hassle and your learning curve by tapping into the tools, guides and books I’ve made from my learning curve over the years.

Business Coaching

Price: £1500 - 3000 per month
One to one business coaching with Julia Chanteray. We meet up regularly twice a month to work out the right strategy for your unique business. And then I help you to implement that strategy and move forward with your business.
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Sweetspot Pricing Resource Pack

Price: £99 inc VAT
The biggest single difference you can make for your business right now is to set the right price. It's the first issue I tackle with my coaching clients. The Sweetspot Pricing Resource Pack takes you through the whole process of setting prices, using a clear methodology used with hundreds of small businesses. And then the accompanying Sweetspot Pricing book takes you through the process of exactly how to apply your new price. And how to make sure your customers are happy to pay.
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Price: £19 inc VAT
I use this cash flow forecast tool for my own business and I’ve tested it with dozens of clients. It’s simple to use, you just pop in your numbers, and it works everything out for you. Including the all-important impact of VAT payments on your bank balance. No more surprises – you’re in control of your finances.
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Strategy Session

Price: £395 + VAT
A one-off two-hour session with Julia Chanteray to help you to make a decision, get ideas and input into a plan, or talk through a particular challenge in your business in confidence. Talk over Zoom, supply your own coffee.
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Sweetspot Pricing Book

Price: £13
Sweetspot Pricing takes you through a clear, tested methodology for setting the right price for your services. And talks you through what you need to do to have a queue of people happy to pay your price. Buy the e-book here, or find the paperback version on Amazon.
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Tales of Everyday Business Folk

Price: £3
Tales of Everyday Business Folk is a (long) short story, telling the tale of our hero Katherine, how she gets into business in the first place, some of the pitfalls she comes across and some of the mistakes she makes at the beginning. You will probably recognise some of the mistakes and problems Katherine faces. It’s based in Brighton (well, Hove) like me, and features cats, Burning Sky beer plus Sugardough, probably the best bakery in the world.
Tales of Everyday Business Folk