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Running your own company can be exciting, frustrating, and nerve-wracking. And watching something you’ve built become successful is one of the most fulfilling and exciting things you can ever do.
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I help small business owners to make more money and have more fun.

knowledge + support = success

To have a successful business, you need to know what to do and how to do it. I teach people like you the knowledge and skills required to grow your company, and I support you so you feel in control of what’s happening.

How I can help you

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26 years in business, 15 years of working with hundreds of companies and reading a hell of a lot of business books. Business is definitely my specialist subject.

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I’m here to support you for the long term. Whether I’m your mentor, you’ve bought one of my books or you’re on a programme, I’m here to help.

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My mission in life is to help people like you succeed, to make more money and to have more fun while you run your business.

coffee + cake = wisdom
If you’re not sure what you need help with or how I can help you, then let's have a chat.
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What my clients say
"Julia’s been brilliant. She’s challenged me a lot, but in a very supportive way. She also makes me laugh, has provided a box of tissues on occasion and makes very good coffee!"
Susi Doherty - Vervate
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Secrets of Business Success — your free book

I’ve written a free little book with my thoughts on the Secrets of Business Success. You can download this for free to see how your business measures up, and get some ideas to start transforming it today.
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The Joy of Business
Secrets of Business Success
Julia Chanteray