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Looking for some business advice to move your business forward? Let’s talk about how I can help your business.

For business advice in Brighton, London and beyond the UK, let’s set a date so I can find out about your business.

​Email me on Julia AT thejoyofbusiness.co.uk

Mobile 07780688165

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What kind of business advice do you need?

You’ve decided the time is right to get going with your business and to take it to the next stage. Maybe you’re not sure if you need one to one business coaching or one of the programmes.

What’s going to be the best way to move forward, for you?

I always suggest getting together for a coffee and chat first, so we can work out what kind of business advice and support you and your business need.

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Let’s sit down and talk about what you need

I love to talk about business, and if you buy me a coffee (and maybe a cake to get my brain working even faster) we can talk about what’s happening in your company, and what the best option is for you.
I’m based in Brighton, but most of my business advice clients are in London or across the UK. We can work together on your business online – it’s time efficient for you as well.

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What will we talk about?

I’ll ask you lots of questions about your business, so I can understand what’s going on and how you want to take things forward. We’ll start to look at some ideas, and you’ll be able to see if I’m the right person to help you. It’s a good way to work out what kind of business advice you need.

It’s completely confidential, and will cost you just the price of a black Americano coffee if we meet in person. For online meetings, I’ll supply my own coffee and cake.

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Do I have to become a client after this?

No. In fact, meeting for a coffee and a chat is the perfect way for both of us to work out if we want to work together. I’m completely honest with people as to whether business advice is a good investment of their time and money, and I tell about 20% of people I meet this way that they don’t need me.

Although I always like to talk business, and I love to find out what people are doing, please only book a coffee and cake session when you’re seriously interested in one to one business advice or taking one of the programmes.

coffee + cake = wisdom
Let's sit down with a coffee and cake, and work out how I can help.
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