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For business advice in Brighton, London and beyond the UK, let’s set a date so I can find out about your business.
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What kind of business advice do you need?

You’ve decided the time is right to get going with your business and to take it to the next stage. Maybe you’re not sure about whether my one to one business coaching

What’s going to be the best way to move forward, for you?

I always suggest getting together for a coffee and chat first, so we can work out what kind of business advice and support you and your business need.

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Let’s sit down and talk about what you need

I love to talk about business, and if you buy me a coffee (and maybe a cake to get my brain working even faster) we can talk about what’s happening in your company, and what the best option is for you.
I’m based in Brighton, but most of my business advice clients are in London, across the UK or across the world.

We can work together on your business online – it’s time-efficient for you as well.

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What will we talk about?

I’ll ask you lots of questions about your business, so I can understand what’s going on and how you want to take things forward. We’ll start to look at some ideas, and you’ll be able to see if I’m the right person to help you. It’s a good way to work out what kind of business advice you need.

It’s completely confidential. I’ll make a big cup of coffee, we’ll sit down over Zoom and talk in depth about what’s going on with your business.

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Do I have to become a client after this?

No. In fact, meeting for a coffee and a chat is the perfect way for both of us to work out if we want to work together. I’m completely honest with people as to whether business advice is a good investment of their time and money, and I tell about 20% of people I meet this way that they don’t need me.

Although I always like to talk business, and I love to find out what people are doing, please only book a coffee and cake session when you’re seriously interested in one to one business advice.

I’m interested, but I’m not sure yet.

That's fine - let's stay in touch and I'll send you some useful tips to help your business in the meantime.
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What is business advice?

My business advice is all about finding the right path to business success for you. Running a small business is one of the most creative rewarding things you can do in life, but it’s also confusing and challenging. Most of us don’t start with much of an idea about how to build a successful company. They don’t teach it at school – in fact, they don’t even teach it at business school.

And every business is different. Every business owner has a different idea of what success means for them.

I use my 20 odd years of experience in running small businesses, plus my obsessive reading of business books, blogs to be able to sit down with you and work out with you what kind of business you want to create. Then I can advise you how to make that happen.

How does business advice work in practice?

I don’t work as a traditional consultant, coming in to give you a report on what you need to do and then disappearing. Because I tried that approach and it just didn’t work.

I found that it’s much better to work with someone over time. That way we can go deep into what you want to achieve. And I advise and support you to implement that strategy over the next few months.

We meet up twice a month, and I encourage you to get the best value from your investment in business advice with me by talking to me by phone and email in between our sessions. Business advice clients who do this move faster towards their business goals.

Occasionally, someone has a specific query about an action they want to take, such as giving shares to an employee,  setting a new pricing strategy or getting some advice on their business plan. You can book a one-off strategy session for when you need this kind of business advice.

My approach

My business advice is grounded in business experience, backed up by evidence of what works in a particular situation. Clients describe me as a “trusted friend who knows what they’re doing”. Other clients talk about my “no bullshit approach”.

You can rely on me to support and challenge you in your business. And if I don’t know how to do something, I’ll be open about this and will often know someone I can ring up to find out the answer.

As well as getting clear on your strategy, I will encourage you to get into action from day 1, often to find the quick wins which will bring in new customers or get some fresh cash into the bank account. Often clients appreciate help with the details of how to run a successful business, such as how to write a great proposal, the micro-copy on a button on the website, or how to handle international orders.

I’m unapologetic about being here to help my clients to make more money and have more fun. Most of us could do with some more of both of those. You can read more here about my philosophy of business.

Marketing and finance advice

One of my clients gave me a strange compliment. She said

“You’re a bit weird, Julia. You can work on the marketing and the finances at the same time – most business advisors can’t do both.”

I never realised that this was weird, but she’s right.

For me, marketing and finance are just different sides of the same coin. I can help you to do great marketing to drive sales and put money in your bank account. And at the same time, we’ll set financial targets, and make sure you get to where you want to be.

Online business advice

I’m based in Brighton in the UK, by the sea. But because I work online by Zoom, I can offer business advice for clients in London, Manchester, Brussels and Slovenia. And my clients in Brighton and Sussex often opt for Zoom sessions as well, as it’s more time efficient for them

What my clients say
"Julia has successfully managed to get me to step back and take a good, long, hard look at the way that I was working and running my business. And the quality of the work I’ve had since working with Julia has improved a hundredfold.

What I love about Julia is she gives practical, tangible advice that I can implement, fine-tune and implement again."
Jo Lilford - Run, Jump, Fly Limited

What does business advice cost?

from £1500 per month
I have a sliding scale of fees, from £1500 to £2500 + VAT per month, depending on where your business is now, and how much potential you have to make more money with my help.

Let's talk...

When you’re thinking about the future of your business, you need to make sure you have the right person by your side to help you move forward. I always suggest that we meet first online to talk about your business and how I can help. That way we can both figure out if working with me is the best way forward.