I work with lots of business owners who have this dilemma. What to do when you have:

Met a prospective client you would like to work with

Had a sales meeting that seemed to go well, but you have not heard anything back from

Written a proposal, but the client does not seem to want to commit

Sound familiar? We have all been in that situation. You have spent time and effort on thinking about undertaking the work, but you can’t get started. Maybe you have emotionally committed to the project, and you have got it all planned in your mind. You are ready, but they haven’t signed on the dotted line. And you want them to.


But you do not want to be a creepy stalker. You don’t want to appear needy, or desperate for the work.


Maybe you don’t even need the work. Maybe you’re busy with other clients, and other prospects and you quickly forget about that prospective client who seemed so interesting at the time. And then you realise that you’ve left money on the table, money that, quite frankly, would have come in handy for all kinds of things.


The Little Book of Nudges will give you lots of strategies and directly applicable tactics to be able to assertively deal with this situation. It’s based on my own experiences of running businesses for the last 26 years, plus the hundreds of companies I’ve worked with as a business coach, many of whom had exactly this problem.


My clients and I have trialed many ways of dealing with this and I’ve come up with what I call nudges. Nudges are little prompts you can use to get in touch with prospective clients, without ever having to make one of those embarrassing phone calls to ask if they have decided to go ahead yet. Some of them are automated, some of them require a bit of work, and for those high value clients, there are some nudges which require you to do some substantial work to land that project.


As well as the tactical nudges, you can try out for yourself, I have also set out exactly how to prioritise who to nudge (who is worth bothering with) and a system you can put in place to make this an integral part of your business development.



The Little Book of Nudges will be available in 2018

I’m not taking pre-orders yet, but you can join my waiting list so I can let you know when it’s ready.
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