Marketing Ideas 2 – Tell People Who You Want To Meet

This is the second in my series of marketing tactics and ideas – suggestions for you to use in marketing your business. This one is about referrals and how to get the right ones.

If you’ve been networking for your business and meeting lots of lovely business friends who are going to sell your services for you, why not make your life easier for your referrers by telling them exactly who you would like them to recommend you to? Make a nice clear document explaining what it is you do, and the chief characteristics of the people you would like to buy from you.

If I was doing a very short version of this for the Joy of Business, I’d explain that I help people with small businesses to grow into bigger businesses by advising, mentoring and coaching. I’d like to meet people who:

  • Have had a business for a while, but are ready to grow it and make some decent money.
  • Want to know the best way forward, and if they’re doing the right thing.
  • Want some practical support on how to develop their business from someone who has done it before.
  • Have the capacity to earn at least 50k a year, and probably want to earn more than that.
  • Are at a key growth stage with their business.

Once you’ve done this, get someone who knows nothing about your business to check it for you to see if it makes sense, and if you’ve put the commas in the right places. And then email it to the nice people you’ve been meeting while you’ve been networking. Print it out and take it along with you when you have a networking cake date to give to people. Personally, I’d just do it in Word with my logo on, and print it out on my cheapo printer, but if you’re more of a design/creative/fancy sort of person you could get some little books printed pretty cheaply, and then people would be more likely to keep them.

Right, I’m off to practice what I preach, and do a longer list to send out to all my networking mates.

By the way, if you recognised yourself on that list of people I’d like to meet, you might want to come and have a coffee and a chat about what’s happening with your business. You never know what might happen…

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Photo credit – Bindalfrodo, from Flickr on a creative commons licence