Sweetspot Pricing

Struggling to price your products and services? You worry if you put your prices up, you’ll turn people away but not charging enough can mean your clients don’t value what you sell. Getting your pricing right is essential if you want to make your business successful. It’s the first thing I look at with my coaching clients. Now you can use my techniques yourself with my Sweetspot Pricing book and resource pack.

Sweetspot Pricing x sell more = profits

Getting your price right, and then selling more will achieve the profits you want to see

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Sweetspot Pricing book

This book gives away my secret weapon in my crusade to help people build their businesses. It takes you through the exact methodology I use with my coaching clients to help them set exactly the right price.

You can use this book to work through where your prices need to be (hint – probably higher than they are now) to achieve the profits you want to see. And then I give you tons of advice and help on how to apply this in practice, and get lots of people to buy from you at that price.


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Big Resource Pack

The Big Resource Pack version of Sweetspot Pricing gives you everything you need to work out what you should be charging, understand why, and to apply it to your business.  It contains everything in the book, plus videos explaining the most important parts, spreadsheets to easily work out your pricing and potential profits, and cheat sheets to help you apply this to your business.


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Get feedback

Once you’ve started the pricing revolution in your business, you might want some help in applying it. Or an objective opinion on whether you’ve got this right. The feedback version gives you everything in the Big Resource Pack, plus an hour with me to go over your sums, tweak the results a little, and be really clear about the next actions.


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Get it on Amazon

You can also buy the book in paperback from Amazon You can also buy a digital version there if you like to keep your Kindle reading in one place. The Big Resource Pack is only available from the Joy of Business website.


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What does the Sweetspot Pricing book include?

A great grounding in how to set prices for any business

Understanding the psychology of pricing, and how to use this (ethically) with your customers

How to feel confident in asking for more money - and getting it

Lots of tips on how to use price as part of your marketing, to ensure you get the right results

Exactly how to work out the right price for you - your sweetspot pricing

Sweetspot Book
How to get your pricing right
Sweetspot Big Resource Pack
All the resources you need with the book to guide you.
Sweetspot Get Feedback
The book, resources and mentoring time all in one.
What my clients say
"Julia's material is powerful because it's written in her no-nonsense, plain English style, and explains business phrases you were probably too embarrassed to admit you weren't sure about.  Julia's notes hold your hand through the process.  I emerged from it with a pricing sweetspot that I understood because I'd worked it out myself --  and that gave me great confidence."
John Young - John Young Media
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