Strategy sessions with Julia Chanteray

You don’t always need full-on one-to-one business coaching.  Maybe you just need a couple of hours with me to work through what is happening with your company and come away with some clear action points for the way forward.

Let’s get together, either face to face in my office in Brighton or on Zoom from wherever you are and get to grips with what you need to work through right now.

knowledge + support = success

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A one off challenge?

Do you have something blocking you in your business? Something you need to deal with but you don’t know what to do? Or how to do it?
Let’s sit down and work out what you need to do. You can dip into all of my experience, I’ll ask you lots of questions, and you’ll go away with a firm action plan for your next steps.

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Should I do this?

Sometimes you have to make a big decision in business. Maybe you have an opportunity, but you don’t know whether it’s a good idea or not. Maybe you’re not sure if you should continue with your company at all…and you want some feedback on whether it’s worth putting in more time and effort.
People use me as a trusted friend to help them to make those big decisions. I can be objective and look at the challenges in a fresh way, and help you to be clear on the way forward.

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Strategy review

Maybe you don’t need the intensive help of regular one to one coaching. You just need a regular review of your strategy every 6 months to make sure that you’re on track, and to get some new ideas and fresh thinking. You can book in for a strategy session, and you’ll come away feeling refreshed and clear about the future.

How a strategy session can help

Set your targets, timeline and key priorities for the next 6 months

Know how to negotiate an equity package for a key member of staff

Decide whether to develop a new product

Know what to do when a new competitor sets up next door

What does a strategy session cost?

£395 + VAT for 2 hours with Julia

What’s the difference between a strategy session and one to one coaching?

In a strategy session, we’ll either take a wide overview of how your business is doing and work out a plan for the future.Or we’ll focus on one particular area, such as how to negotiate a deal with a new partner or supplier, or how to reset your pricing.
One-to-one coaching is much more far-reaching, and we get into every aspect of your business in detail. My one-to-one coaching is all about supporting you for a period of time to make the changes you need in the business. A strategy session will help you to be clear about what you need to do, but then it’s up to you to put that into action.

Here are some of results from strategy sessions

25% in growth shares

My client wanted to bring in a new senior person. She couldn’t afford to pay him the salary he was used to, so we worked out how to offer him equity and a fair salary. We decided how much equity to offer him, what kind of shares he would get, and whether or not he would be a director. He’s been there for 3 years now, and has made a massive difference to the company.

120k annual growth

One of my one to one coaching clients didn’t need my regular advice any more - we’d sorted out the big problems and the business was doing well. She comes back to see me every 3 months or so, and we go over the financials in detail to make sure the business is healthy. We set a target of 120k growth pa, but the company is growing faster than that, so we’ve had to revise that.

Do something different

Guy (not his real name) booked a strategy session to decide if he should continue with his business which wasn’t making any profit, despite him working really hard. Guy sent me the accounts and I asked him lots of questions. At the end of the session, he decided that he wouldn’t continue, and I introduced him to my friendly insolvency person. He’s now got a new (and profitable) business which is much more fun.
What my clients say
"She helped me to work out exactly how to deal with that situation, and gave me lots of other really useful advice as well.  She definitely knows what she's talking about, and it was absolutely worth investing £300 to get clear about what to do next."
Niven Chinasamy - Excalibur Inventories
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