Want to feel in control of your finances?

I use this cash flow forecast tool for my own business and I’ve tested it with dozens of clients. It’s simple to use, you just pop in your numbers, and it works everything out for you. Including the all-important impact of VAT payments on your bank balance. No more surprises – you’re in control of your finances.

Meaning you can quickly move ahead, leaving you more time to work on the things you love

Why this cashflow forecast tool is so useful

You know how important being in control of your finances is. And that being certain about your numbers gives you confidence in all the other areas of your business.

Knowing that your business finances are healthy means you can feel good about moving forward and making other decisions. But most business owners feel a little bamboozled by cash flow because it can feel complicated, and it’s too easy to miss things out. Or it just feels like a hassle to do. The cash flow forecast tool makes checking your cash flow for the next few months easy peasy because it does all the work for you.

What the cashflow forecast tool does for you

Figures out all the calculations immediately

Puts in the VAT calculations automatically

Shows your projected bank balance each month

Highlights any months you need to take action

Who this cash flow planner is useful for VAT registered UK companies

VAT registered UK companies

Business owners who are planning to make changes involving spending money – know for certain that you can afford it

Founders who like to sleep soundly at night

Cashflow forecast tool with automatic VAT calculator

Know for certain what’s going on with your money. Plan out your cash flow, check that your business is going to be financially healthy and make sure that you can afford any new expenditure. And, be sure that you’ve taken the VAT into account in your planning – no surprises next quarter.

Be in control of your finances by spending 10 minutes planning in advance

£19 inc VAT

Simple Excel spreadsheet, just pop your numbers in and it works it all out for you

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See how quickly you can see what’s happening with your finances

If you’ve ever found yourself worrying about cash flow or trying to work it out on a piece of paper and thought…I’ve got better things to do with my time. I wish I had a simple, beautiful spreadsheet I could use to work this out for me…here you go.

Enjoy it. It’s a work of art.