Strategy Session Questions

What do I need to send you in advance?

You will get the most out of our session if you can tell me lots about your current situation. Everything is completely confidential between us. You might want to send me your accounts so I can see the financial situation, or you might want to do a big “braindump” of exactly what’s going on in the company at the moment, and what you’re worried about.

Can I just do this one-off session instead of business coaching?

No. My one to one coaching looks at all aspects of your business, and usually lasts for 6 to 12 months. I couldn’t possibly give you the right advice in just two hours. And it wouldn’t be ethical for me to try to do that.
The strategy sessions are to look at one particular aspect of your business that you need to deal with at the moment. You might need advice with how to handle a particular member of staff, work out whether to go ahead with a new product, or want some feedback on your pricing strategy.

I think my business is in trouble - Can you tell me whether I should continue or not?

Yes. People often come to see me for a strategy session when they want an honest appraisal of whether they should continue with the business they are in at the moment, and to explore how to get out of it, if that’s what you decide to do. I’ll ask you lots of questions about the business and why you think it’s in trouble, and we’ll go through what your options are. I’ll be very honest with you, and you’ll be able to leave the session with clarity about what to do next.

I was a Joy of Business client five years ago, is this the right place to book a one-off session with you?

Yes – I always like to catch up with clients, find out what’s happening now, and help people to work out what to do to get to the next stage.

What is the difference between a strategy session that costs £300 and a coffee and cake session?

My coffee and cake sessions are for people who want to explore working with me as their business coach. I spend most of those sessions just asking questions about all aspects of their business, so we can both decide if business coaching is the right way forward.
In a strategy session, we will get straight down to business, and although I will have questions for you, these will be very specific and will be designed to help us deal with one particular issue that you need to address and make a decision on.