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Every week, I send out a little email with some great tips and ideas to help people build better businesses. Because that's what I do - support people like you in creating the best business in the world.

The Joy of Business
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Julia Chanteray

Great ideas to help you build a better business

I’m a bit obsessed with learning how to build fantastic businesses. Not great mega corporations. I’m fascinated by little companies, the ones run by a few people, or maybe just one person in their spare room. And I love sharing what I’ve learnt.

Each week, I write up what I’ve learnt, and send it out. Hundreds of people get these emails, and I get some great responses. People say things like


Julia, I’m really glad I subscribed to these nuggets. I love them!” Samantha Wilding from Style and Grace

Absolutely brilliant! Karen Lord from Morrisons Solicitors 


Each email is based on a real world business experience. It might be an issue I’ve been working on with a client, something I’ve learnt from my own business, or an idea I’ve read about recently.

I’m trying really hard to not be like Shane” Erica Sosna (when I wrote one about someone called Shane)


I don’t put these ideas and tips anywhere else, you can only get them by email. Try them out – it’s all free because I love to talk about business, and you can unsubscribe at the touch of a button if they’re not right for you.

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