Chris Chart


Julia has helped me build a solid strategy to help grow my business. I went to Julia expecting to only need help with marketing and sales, which she has helped me with, but has also helped me look at the bigger picture to help create a solid foundation that I expect to completely transform my business for the better.

Julia has helped me with everything from defining our company focus, building a philosophy, account and project management, and lots more. Julia has helped take all the ideas I had and form a clear plan to execute these effectively.

One of the biggest benefits I have enjoyed from working with Julia is her advice on recruiting my first employee. It’s something I’ve needed to do for a long time but have always been unable to follow this through, due to fearing the unknown. Julia advised me on financial and strategic steps to help make it a much easier decision. I’m now in the process of recruiting and look forward to growing my business.

Another great example of how Julia has helped me is with some of our processes. After one session in particular, Julia suggested an improvement to how I use my CRM system. I did this the next day, and in a week, I had 18k of new work in the pipeline. That’s a great return on the fees I’ve paid to Julia, just in itself.