Seth Godin and the Purple Cow

One of the most important books I’ve ever read about how to run a successful small business is Seth Godin’s Purple Cow.  I first read it about 17 years ago, but it’s one which I still re-read every couple of years and recommend to my business advice clients all the time.

Seth is a great writer on many, many things, and I often dip into his blog as a way of getting some brilliant ideas, and as a restorative when I need to remember what’s important in my mission to change the world by helping people to get better at running their business.

In Purple Cow, he talks about how to make your business remarkable, how to get it to stand out ahead of all the other businesses.

Here’s my take on his central idea of why you need to make your business resemble a purple cow.

Seth Godin and the Purple Cow


Photo credit – a Scottish cow (not me, or Seth Godin, or anything purple, but lovely) by Alexandre Maros

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