Tales of Everyday Business Folk

Tales of Everyday Business folk is a short story in 14 episodes, about our hero Katherine who accidentally sets up a business. Don’t buy it though – you can get each episode in a daily email.

Katherine + cats = happy ending?

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Tales of Everyday Business Folk is a (long) short story, telling the tale of our hero Katherine, how she gets into business in the first place, some of the pitfalls she comes across and some of the mistakes she makes at the beginning. You will probably recognise some of the mistakes and problems Katherine faces. It’s based in Brighton (well, Hove) like me, and features cats, Burning Sky beer plus Sugardough, probably the best bakery in the world.

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Why not buy it?

You can buy it, if you prefer to have the full version, available on your kindle or ipad right now. I just don’t want you to buy it and then find out you could have got it for free by email. Or if you’ve been getting the daily emails and don’t want to wait to find what happens, this is the box set version for just £3.

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Tales of Everyday Business Folk

£3 for the kindle and pdf version