These articles are all about why we do business.  There are lots of thoughts in this section about the sort of things that go through the head of a business geek like me, so this is where you’ll find my thoughts about business models, pricing, the meaning of money, our purpose in running a business and the things I come across through in my travels as a business adviser.


  • Your networking system

    I’m running a one off workshop on 25th July 2017 on how to build your networking system.  It’s going to be great, and if you can get to Brighton that afternoon, you should definitely come along. Your networking system This workshop is for people who have done some business networking. It’s for you if you’ve […]

  • How to make more money and have more fun

    My work is all about helping people to make more money and have more fun. Obviously, your business needs to make money for you – a 5 year old could tell you that this is the point of a business. But your business should also be fun. You’re entitled to enjoy running your business. I […]

  • Overcoming the barriers to business growth – workshop 31st January

    I’m running a workshop to help you overcome the barriers to business growth.  There are only 25 places, so this is advance notice for you special people. Overcoming the barriers to business growth – what it’s all about This workshop is a re-run of a couple of workshops I ran in the summer. They worked […]

  • How to understand your profit and loss account, to help you feel really powerful in your business

    Do you understand your profit and loss account? One of the things I notice all the time about many of my business mentoring clients, is that people struggle to understand the financial part of their business. It’s not surprising, we don’t get taught this stuff at school, it can be a little bit difficult to get […]

  • Business advisor as a trusted friend

    Why do my mentoring clients see me as their trusted friend? I’m sure they all have their own friends, and don’t need to pay me to be their mate, but the relationship between a business advisor and her clients is very much that of a trusted friend. How to choose a business advisor There are […]

  • Brexit for business – Not the end of the world

    The EU referendum vote last week has created a very busy week for me this week. In addition to my usual client meetings, I’ve had to spend a lot of time helping my clients to work out what Brexit for business might mean for them and their businesses, including one emergency meeting on Monday with […]

  • Why you might need a business coach

    After fifteen years of coaching and mentoring all kinds of businesses, this week I finally noticed the mindset behind some of my most successful clients.   The people who do well with me as their business coach are the people who want to have a “grown-up business”. They are the people who have some serious […]

  • The dark tunnel of VATMoss

    I’ve just emerged from a dark tunnel; trying to find my way through a maze. Other metaphors may apply. I’ve been implementing VATMoss. It has not been fun. There are lots of other resources online to help you work through this tunnel if your business is affected by the dark shadow of VATMoss. I’ll just […]

  • My workshop for growth businesses

    I’m running a workshop on 15 July (and repeated on the 1st September) specifically for people who have been in business for a little while and want to focus on how to grow their business. It’s going to be great, you should come along… What we’ll be doing on the day This will be a […]

  • Learn more about email marketing

    You’ll already know that I’m a huge fan of using email marketing as the number one most effective way to build relationships and bring in new customers.  You might have already subscribed to my some of my regular emails to learn more about running a successful business (hint…) or you might have built up a […]