Get your dream team of freelancers ready

Maybe you’re doing everything yourself at the moment, because your business isn’t ready to outsource any work yet.  But as you move on, you’ll quickly find that you have more work than you can do yourself, or there are things that you need to do for clients at which someone else is better, faster or cheaper than you are.

Identify the areas where you’ll need help, either to duplicate what you do, or to provide additional services to clients.  If you’re a graphic designer, you might need a bank of 3 or 4 WordPress developers you trust so that when you land that website job you’ve already got the right person in mind to help with the coding.

Reach out to people before you need them, and find out their strengths, weaknesses and of course how much they cost.

Photo credit – Ravindan Lego, from Flickr on a creative commons licence