Repeating your marketing messages

One of the big things people miss is to succeed in business you have to do a lot of marketing.  And then repeating your marketing messages again.  And then doing it some more.

Most businesses are started up by people who know nothing about running a business.  The ones which succeed are the ones who know that they know nothing and set out to learn.  Especially about marketing.

If you’ve got the best idea in the world, and you’ve set the right price, but you don’t tell anyone about it, you’re not going to have any customers.  And if you only tell people when you launch, you might have some customers in the beginning, but they’ll soon forget about you.

One of the first steps any business should undertake (and this what I advise my clients to do) is to work out your ideal customer avatar and then target this group in your marketing.

And if you are wanting to develop your knowledge further in marketing then this list of advanced marketing books will really help you achieve your goal. These books are my choice of the best marketing books for small business owners.

How many times have you had this experience?

Someone asks you where the best burger in town is, or who can do their removal for them?  Or any other service or product.  And you try to remember the name of the restaurant or the removal guy, or app, and you just can’t.

This happens to me all the time, and I have to google it or look through old emails to try to find the person who did that great logo for one of my clients, or the software I used to fix the GPS on my phone.

But if the people behind that great design or neat software had kept in touch with me, I’d be more likely to remember them, and I’d certainly be able to find them in my list of emails.

So my secret isn’t that you have to do great marketing. You know that already, and if you’re not sure how there are some great resources on my blog to help you with that.  Or once you get going with your new business, we can work together on your marketing plan and all the other bits and pieces that you’ll need to make your business a success.

The big secret about repeating your marketing messages

The secret I want to share here is that you need to be out there all the time, communicating with customers, potential customers, people who will tell other people to become customers.

To make your business a success, you need to be getting your message out there to people repeatedly.  Even when you’re busy looking after all the customers who came to you when you did your first round of marketing. Especially then.

It doesn’t have to be expensive marketing.

You could just be getting on the phone to people, going for coffee, dropping in, scheduling some social media, blogging, tweeting some photos, all of which costs nothing but your time.  But it does have to be repeated, over and over again.

And repeated in different ways, with different angles and new things for your customers to think about.

What can you do today to get the messages out there again? And how can you be repeating your marketing messages tomorrow and the day after that?

Photo credit – Andrew E Larson, from Flickr on a creative commons licence