What is your sweet spot price?

There’s a certain sweetspot in pricing

That point where your price feels okay, where it’s doable for your customers, and they’re happy to pay it. It doesn’t feel too cheap, and it doesn’t make them feel like they’re getting ripped off or that it’s going to hurt.

It’s also the price where they’re happy to come back to you again and again, and are likely to recommend you.

We’re looking for the sweet spot where you can get, the right number of customers at the best possible price


Depending on your business, this sweetspot might be high enough, that your customers need to think for a while before committing. That’s okay, as long as your price is something that they’ll think about, but not so high that they will run away screaming.

If you’re doing the right marketing, they’ll already want to buy from you, and they’ll be emotionally committed. But they might have to rearrange a budget, get permission from someone else or take a deep breath.

To get to that sweet spot for you, we might have to do some work and use my sweetspot pricing strategy. My book Sweetspot Pricing (and the resource pack that goes with it) will take you through exactly what you need to do.

The short version of the book for you

How to buy Sweetspot Pricing

You can get a copy of Sweetspot Pricing (and the resource pack that goes with it to help you set your prices) right here and start reading it in about 3 minutes.

Let me know how you get on.

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Sweetspot pricing – read the first chapter for free

You can get started on Sweetspot Pricing today – here’s the first chapter to download for free to try it out. I’ll also send you some regular tips on how to grow your business.
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