What my business advice clients really want

I’ve been asking myself what my clients really want, what they really, really want.  Once I could get rid of that annoying Spice Girls song, I was able to think about this a lot more clearly.

We all make the mistake of thinking that our customers want what we want to sell them.  But that’s not necessarily true.

When I go to a restaurant, as a customer, it’s not actually the food that I want, or even the good service.  What I want is the experience of going to the restaurant.  Maybe I want some quality time with my partner, or an exciting taste experience.  Maybe I want a good night out with friends.  Whatever it is, the restaurant has to give me that experience, not just nice food and a friendly waiter.

What do you want from the Joy of Business?

  •  You want to learn how to make your business great
  • You want to know what to do to make your business great
  • You want to feel confident in what you’re doing, and know that this is the right thing
  • You want to make good money, and have fun while you’re doing it.

You don’t just want a business advisor.  You want someone who is on your side, and can help you to make your business great, and make sure that you’re doing the right things, not the wrong things.

What do your customers want?

What do your customers and clients really want?  Is the meal or the experience of going out for the meal?  How can you tell the difference?

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Photo credit – Spice Girls by Gary Bembridge