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This is a special secret page just for business coaching clients.

Calendar for our sessions

Here is my current priority availability – you can change your session times or book a new session. Please note that I’m normally only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, but if you can’t do those days or the calendar has got silly busy, I can usually make an exception. So email me for Mondays and Fridays.

Resources you might find useful

At some point while we are working together, you may find some of these resources useful, so I’ve collected them together for easy access. Not all of them are relevant to everyone, and don’t feel you have to read them all right now!

The habits of successful business owners 

My three price point pitching process

The pros and cons of having a business partner (if you were thinking about getting one)

Top tips on rebranding your company

How to write your automated email series

How to have a hot elevator pitch 

VATMoss (if you’re selling digital products online)

Coschedule – if you are going to be using content and social media, this is a great tool

How banks look at your loan application

Software we might talk about using

Here’s a list of software I regularly recommend for clients, again, some of this might be useful for you, some might not be right for your business. These are all systems I use myself, or have been recommended by clients.
It’s here for reference, don’t feel you have to look into this stuff now (or at all). I’ve added links for some of these where I’ll get a referral fee if you sign up (the ones with a *) or you can just google any of these and I won’t earn a penny. I won’t know or particularly care which one you click on – last year I made enough in referral fees to buy about 12 bars of chocolate.

Thrive Themes – useful website conversion tools*

Drip email automation software*

Xero accounting* – highly recommended to make your life easier. Some people also like Freeagent and Crunch accounts.

Sanebox – for organising your gmail better to avoid email overload

Coschedule* – for organising and scheduling your social media