Sweetspot Pricing FAQs

What do you get in the big resource pack that you don’t get with the e-book?

The Your Pricing Sweetspot book gives you the philosophy and principles behind my pricing methodology. There’s plenty there, and after reading it you will have enough to be able to apply the methodology and come up with your own pricing strategy

But the Resource Pack gives you all of the tools to make this much simpler.

It includes:

  • Easy to use simple spreadsheets to work out your target income
  • Tax lookup forms to work out how much tax you’ll need to pay at different levels of net profit
  • Sales planner to work out how much you need to sell to make your target income
  • A sheet to easily calculate what your price needs to be
  • Lots of guides and resources to help you implement the changes you need to make

I’ve road tested these with clients and they’ve all said that the sheets made working out their sweetspot price much easier. People who have used them so far have also been able to get a lot more clarity about how their business finances work, because I’ve explained everything in no-nonsense plain English.

You don’t just get these resources, you also get a walk through of the whole process – so the Resource Pack is great for people who don’t want to read the whole book.

Why is Sweetspot Pricing different to other books about small business pricing?

There are lots of books out there about pricing for small business. I know because I’ve read most of them in the course of writing Sweetspot Pricing.

They tend to be either very academic MBA books, which aren’t so useful for small businesses, and frankly, aren’t that easy to understand, even if you’ve got an MBA. Or they’re the kind of business book which just encourages you to increase your prices to some mega level, without any advice on how you do this. Or how much you can increase your prices to.

Sweetspot Pricing avoids both of these by explaining the principles of setting your price at a level which will create your target income and taking you through the process of applying this to your own business.

And then it gives you tons of tips on how to change your business and your marketing so that your customers will be happy to buy from you at your new prices.


If I buy the big resource pack version plus the hour with you, do I have to book in that time now? Or can I do it later when I’ve read the book?

You can do it later, in fact, I would very much recommend that.

You will get a lot more out of the session with me if you have gone through their pricing calculations in the big resource pack first. I can then check your numbers and give you some recommendations. Buying the big resource pack version plus the hour is a very cost-effective way to do this because otherwise, you would have to pay £99 for the Resource Pack, and £360 for a strategy session with me.


What if I don't understand it? What if it doesn't work for my business?

When I’ve used the Resource Pack with clients, they’ve been able to apply these ideas to their businesses pretty easily, so I’m not worried that you won’t be able to understand it.

If your business is super complicated with hundreds of product lines, you might have to adapt it a little bit to your business, but the principles are still the same.

But if you have a go, and really think that Sweetspot Pricing is not for you – just let me know why it’s not right and I’ll refund all your money.

Why would I spend money on this when there are lots of free resources on the Internet to help me set my prices?

What you really mean is – why should I pay for it?

I’m tempted to say that you should pay for it because I’ve worked really hard and it’s a thing of beauty, but why would you care? There are many things of beauty you can experience for free.

But the answer’s simple really.

If you take these ideas on board, even a little bit, your business will create more money for you. Way more money than you’ll pay for your Sweetspot Pricing Resource Pack. I can be pretty sure of that, because I’ve been using these methods for years with my own business and with clients, and I see the dramatic differences they make.

Like the client who had been making 20k a year for 20 years, and came to me because she was scared that a new competitor had moved into her area. We worked on her prices and within 6 months she was making a 46k clear profit. I like that second number a lot more, and so did she.

All this sounds a bit technical – I don’t want to think about the financial side of my business, I just want to do the work.

I can understand that – for lots of people, the profit and loss account is pretty much the same as particle physics.

Fortunately, I love all the financial stuff, so I’ve been able to do all the hard work for you. In fact, I’ve read all the Wikipedia articles, the pricing books, and done the MBA homework. And then I’ve distilled it down, tested it on my own business and on clients and made some rather good looking cheat sheets for you to just fill out and get to your sweetspot price, without having to do the heavy lifting.

As long as you’re prepared to put some of the numbers in, and to take action on getting your prices nearer to your sweetspot level, you’ll enjoy going through and working out how to get your business creating the kind of money you deserve.

If I buy the book now, can I upgrade to the Resource Pack later?

Yes. There’s an upgrade code in the book so you can get the Resource Pack later on. But if you’re thinking now that you want the spreadsheets to help you do the work, you’re probably better off just buying the Resource Pack and getting stuck right in.