Ruth Smith


I knew I wanted to start my own business after leaving the corporate world, but I was stuck on what to do. I had lots of ideas and Julia helped me find a business idea that was viable, that fitted with my passions and what I really care about.  It’s enabled me to build the sort of business that really chimes with who I am, and what I enjoy doing.

Now, the Sustainable Results Lab exists. It’s all about helping environmental businesses grow sustainably. Which means I get to work in a sector that I really love.

Julia has helped me create a business that is scalable. She’s helped me understand the difference between a freelancer and a business leader. It’s given me the confidence to aim high and create something bigger than just me.

Julia has helped me with pricing, going for bigger clients, and charging more than I might have done on my own.

Julia is clued up on the latest approaches to marketing and business growth. She is focused on how you add value.

If you’ve got big ambitions and want to be more than a freelancer, to aim high, then she’s fantastic.