What business coaching is really like

What business coaching is really like

To tell you a bit about what business coaching is really like, I took the bold step of putting two of my business coaching clients in a room together with a camera to talk about what they really thought about the process of business mentoring with me.

It was a quite nerve-wracking experience, to see what they would say about me behind my back.  So here is what Nick Price and Miranda Birch said about working with me, with no prompting, no key messages, just what they really think.

Nick and Miranda’s video of what business coaching is really like

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Transcription Of Nick and Miranda talking about what business coaching is really like

If you can’t watch the video, or don’t like videos, here’s what Nick and Miranda said about me

Miranda: So, I remember the first time I met Julia, and it’s still etched in my mind. And I would say within about 30 seconds of meeting her, she had really made me think about what I was meant to be doing.

Nick: I saw her in a bite-sized session and I liked the way that she was presenting something complex in a simple form, but in a very human way. It made me realise she was dynamic and she could see the people’s problems and pick out what the real question was. And that impressed me a lot.

Miranda: I suppose another thing I found is it can be quite lonely running your own business, unless you’ve got acres of staff to look after. And having someone alongside you that you know is rooting for you and you can bounce ideas off.

Nick: Yes, she’s certainly more than just methodology or theory. It’s understanding what I need, or you need, at the right time. And being there when you need her as well.

Miranda: Yes. I always laughingly call it the ‘Chanteray Rapid Reaction Force’. Because there have been moments where, you know what it’s like, suddenly a call comes in from a potential client and you have to respond within at least 24 hours. And she does the same. She gets back to me really fast when I really need her. It’s also making you see yourself in a different way so you suddenly realise you can take that risk. Whereas, perhaps a year before, you wouldn’t have even thought about it.

Nick: You’d have strengths but also you can have comforts, in places where you shouldn’t be comfortable but you actually feel that. So she’ll push you to go beyond that and be happy with being just uncomfortable. When I look back to see where I was to where I am now after working with Julia, then I can say there’s been a significant change and improvement in my business.

Miranda: Yes, absolutely. I think just in terms of vision and where I want to go. And giving me clarity of what I’m offering people and focus. That has all been really helpful.

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Now you’ve heard it from the horses mouth, you should have an idea about what business coaching is really like,, at least my version of business coaching. If you’d like some help getting your business on track, and to try out what Miranda calls the “Chanteray rapid reaction force”, maybe you should try it for yourself. Why don’t we have a preliminary chat, in person, if you’re in Brighton, and over Skype if you’re not.

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