Inspiring action with Simon Sinek

You know when several people all tell you about the same thing in a short space of time…? Everyone’s talking about unicorns and you just have to check out exactly what’s happening with unicorns.

That’s what has been happening to me with Simon Sinek recently. Clients have been recommending him, connections on Twitter have been quoting him, and Amazon have put his book on my recommended reading list.

Simon Sinek’s big idea

In case you’re as much out of the loop on this as I was, Simon Sinek is a ethnographer who has been shaking things up with his ideas about leadership and management. His big idea for business is that we should make it really clear about why we do the things we do, not just how and what we do.

He explains all of this much better than I do, so I’d recommend having a wee look at his TED video or reading his book.

This inspired me to write down exactly why I do what I do, both in my business consultancy and advice work at the Joy of Business and with Brighton Chamber. You can see what I’m all about here and I’d recommend spending a few minutes jotting down or mind-mapping your own why statement, either to communicate this to the people you work with and especially your customers, and/or to get it really clear in your head why you get up in the morning. At the very least, it could make getting up in the morning a whole lot easier.

Photo credit – from some very beautiful sketches from Sacha Chua on Flickr on a creative commons licence