We’re recruiting – Content Marketing Administrator

Important – no longer accepting applications

177 people applied for this role and I’m going through the blind recruitment process now, before going to stage two.

If you applied and do not hear back by Friday 14th June, please assume that you did not make it to stage two. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to enter into any discussions or give feedback.

Details of this role

  • Starts as a trainee position at £25k pa pro rata (or £13.74 per hour) for 20 hours per week.
  • Salary reviewed after six months
  • Fully remote
  • Flexible working – between the core hours of 8am – 6pm
  • Work more during term time and less during school holidays if you wish

READ THIS – How to apply

We’re only accepting applications using the form below so that we can use a fair process for selecting candidates. And we expect a large number of applications so we are not able to reply to individual enquiries. We’re being very strict about this.

Apply using the form below.

Do not use any other method of applying, especially not by email. If anyone does apply directly, then we will assume that you are not able to follow instructions and will delete your application.


We have two online brands, the Joy of Business and Adventures in Products. Your main objective in this role is to build engagement, reputation and respect for these brands and the brand behind it, founder Julia Chanteray, through helping to create beautiful and useful online content (blogs, videos, downloads, interactive quizzes), develop collaborator relationships, and boost our SEO.

You will be working in a very small 100% remote team. We mostly work asynchronously but get together on Zoom on a weekly basis (currently Tuesdays 10am UK time.)

We are looking for someone who is interested in developing a career in content and digital marketing. You don’t necessarily need to have done these activities or used this software before, as we will train you how to do all the tasks, but we are looking for someone who has these attributes before they start.

Essential attributes

  • Fluent and accurate written English – a lot of the work will be proofreading and checking written copy and we have a very high standard here.
  • Experience using online software to do tasks such as uploading a blog, adding images at the correct size, set up an online form that looks good
  • Use online task or project management software (we currently use ClickUp) – this is how we communicate across the company and how all the work is organised.
  • Research skills – you will be asked to do a competitor analysis and research opportunities for distribution channels, such as “Which podcasts should Julia appear on?”
  • Use Excel for interrogating data about online ad metrics and KPIs and to track data for SEO purposes.
  • Care about small independent businesses and their owners and see this as an exciting group of people to work with

Training and progression

This is a fantastic learning opportunity for someone who wants to develop a career in online marketing. Everyone who has been in this role before has stayed for three or four years and talked about how much they have learned when they eventually left.

If you already have substantial skills in content marketing, that’s an advantage, but we’re mostly looking for someone who is fast, accurate and keen to learn.

The role starts as a trainee position at £25k pa pro rata (or £13.74 per hour) for between 20 hours per week. The salary will be reviewed after six months and is expected to increase after that, depending on how much return on investment your contribution is making by that point.

We believe in sharing learning within the team and have documented a lot of our processes so you will have a library of helpful videos to show you how to do many of the tasks. You will also be asked to make standard operating procedure videos to share knowledge with your colleagues.

What you will be working on

Within a working week, you might be:

  • Uploading a blog to a WordPress website and using our content blocks to create good-looking web pages
  • Resizing images from the blog to social media sizes
  • Proofreading a blog
  • Taking snippets from the blogs and reworking them for social media posts
  • Analysing how last month’s LinkedIn posts went and what should be iterated
  • Setting up a new lead magnet using Gravity Forms so people can get a freebie and receive our regular emails
  • Contacting potential workshop panel members to see if they want to come on an online panel
  • Checking our SEO rankings and making action points depending on performance

Our application process

This is a multi-stage process as we very much want to find the right person.

Stage one – apply using this form. Do not use any other method of applying, especially not by email. If anyone does apply directly, then we will assume that you are not able to follow instructions and will delete your application.

Note – I’ve removed the form as we’re no longer accepting applications and have now moved to stage two. 

Stage two – we will long-list applicants and ask them to do a short test.

Stage three – interviews

Stage four – we will ask one or two people to do a half day of work within the team

Stage five – we will offer the role


Can I be self-employed, or is this a directly employed job?

It’s up to you, either is fine with us as long as that option is legal under UK law, ie does not contravene either IR35 if you prefer to be self employed or you have the right to work in the UK if you want to be directly employed.

Note – you are better off working as a paid employee, which offers annual leave, sick pay and pension benefits.

Can I do this as my side hustle on top of my main job?

No. We want you to do your best work and that rarely happens if you are already working another job or have another employer.

Will I get any qualifications through this training position?

This is mostly experiential learning, although we will also require you to do some online courses in more complex subjects such as  SEO. If you have a particular certification in mind, do suggest this.

Can I be at college while I do this?

This role is not available as part of a modern apprenticeship as that system is too complicated for us as an employer and does not allow us to be a true Living Wage employer. You are free to spend the rest of your week learning independently or at college as long as this job does not suffer as a result of this. As a rough guide, if you’re working 3 days a week for us, you should only be studying for another 2 days per week. We only want people who are committed to this as their main role.

Tell me more about the flexible working

You can set your hours as you want them to be as long as you are available during some core hours in the week, particularly for the team meeting. We would also expect you to be available for ad hoc meetings and onboarding meetings and to be responsive within UK working hours. It would also be good for you to have reasonably regular hours during the week, but if you suddenly want to not work a Tuesday afternoon and do Friday morning instead, that’s fine.

Some team members like to work less during the school holidays. We ask that you be available (with childcare) for a minimum of five hours per week during the school holidays unless you’re on leave that week. This is so the business continues to move forward, especially during the long summer holidays.

I’d like to earn more than 25k – how much would my money go up?

We’d expect someone in this role to have progressed to 30k+ within 12 months.

Pay rises are usually at least annual, based on UK inflation. On top of this, we would assess how much extra revenue you are helping us to bring in to decide on an extra top up. This is also dependent on external factors such as the economy, currency fluctuations and competitor activity.

I’m very creative – is this a good role for me?

If you a writer, video maker or illustrator, this is probably not the job for you as we have very clear brand voices and most of the writing and initial content creation is done by the founder Julia Chanteray. We’ve found in the past that copywriters and creatives with a strong voice of their own find this role confusing.