Business advice clients

Here are some great testimonials from my business advice clients.

I work with small businesses who want to become bigger businesses. My job is to advise, mentor, support businesses, and help them on the road to success. I work with small companies across the UK and beyond from my base in Brighton, and they all have in common:

  • They want to take the next step in growing and developing their businesses
  • They are serious about getting to where they want to go
  • They want help and advice from someone who is passionate about business, and has done it before.

Does this sound like you? My work is all about having more fun, learning and making some decent money along the way. Find out more about how business advice and support works, and if you think your business might benefit from a helping hand, get in touch for a chat.

My business advice clients talk about me behind my back!

Here’s a video of two of my clients talking about their experience of working with me, what they like about it and why they think I’m different to other business coaches. Interesting watching.

Business advice testimonials from some of my mentoring clients over the years

Susi Doherty

Business advice testimonial from Doherty“I knew that we had to change something about our company to drive it forward, but I didn’t know what. So many people had suggested getting a business mentor that I started looking for the person that I wanted to work with and felt I could trust.

I chose Julia because of these reasons as well as the number of people that said how great she is to work with and what a difference she had made to their own business journey.

“We were doing well, but I knew that I wanted the company to be more. Between us, Julia and I came up with a whole new set of services to offer to clients. She got me to do lots of research and a whole lot of thinking about how to reposition the business. And she really helped us to get the new Vervate brand clear, when we relaunched with a new website, new name and very different branding.

“Julia’s been brilliant. She’s challenged me a lot, but in a very supportive way. She also makes me laugh, has provided a box of tissues on occasion and makes very good coffee! And Vervate is already doing really well, we’re getting tons more enquiries for the new services and I’m able to suggest much more interesting and innovative things to our existing customers.”


Chris Chart

Business advice testimonial from ChrisChart “Julia has helped me build a solid strategy to help grow my business. I went to Julia expecting to only need help with marketing and sales, which she has helped me with, but has also helped me look at the bigger picture to help create a solid foundation that I expect to completely transform my business for the better.

“Julia has helped me with everything from defining our company focus, building a philosophy, account and project management, and lots more. Julia has helped take all the ideas I had and form a clear plan to execute these effectively.

“One of the biggest benefits I have enjoyed from working with Julia is her advice on recruiting my first employee. It’s something I’ve needed to do for a long time but have always been unable to follow this through, due to fearing the unknown. Julia advised me on financial and strategic steps to help make it a much easier decision. I’m now in the process of recruiting and look forward to growing my business.

“Another great example of how Julia has helped me is with some of our processes. After one session in particular, Julia suggested an improvement to how I use my CRM system. I did this the next day, and in a week, I had 18k of new work in the pipeline. That’s a great return on the fees I’ve paid to Julia, just in itself.”

Spark Engine

Joanna Nutley and Kate Ashton

Business advice testimonial from Nutley-1 “Julia’s been an enormous help to us. She’s grappled with our complicated finances, and helped us to understand what’s really going on with the business, and what we need to change to move it into the big time. And she’s taken all that financial information and helped us make some really big decisions.

“The difference between working with Julia now and where we were is enormous. We’re now feeling much more confident and enthusiastic about the business and we know where to put most of our effort to get the best results. We can safely say that we both look forward to going into the office now, because we can feel sure that it’s all going to work out okay.

“And that’s not just a feeling of more confidence. We can clearly see that we’ve made Nutley’s much more profitable in just a few months, and we can see a very clear and bright future. I think every business needs a Julia Chanteray.” Nutley’s Kitchen Garden.

Miranda Birch Media

When I came to Julia, I was running a portfolio business, using my background in writing, presenting, and programme making to offer a range of services.  Then I realised that portfolio working – juggling these different jobs – wasn’t ideal for marketing or for my overflowing diary. Julia’s got strategic vision and an eye for detail.  And what she’s given me is clarity.

“Strategically, she’s helped me to work out exactly where I sit in the crowded marketplace of content marketing and communication.  She’s also helped me to exactly what it is about my storytelling approach that makes a difference to my clients.

But she’s not only given me valuable insights. Crucially, she’s galvanised me into acting on those insights – to get cracking on that new website, on the branding, on the sixty second elevator pitch – no wait, the five second elevator pitch.  That’s the level of detail I’m talking about, that brings the strategy to life. And when I’m in danger of neglecting the long view, because I’ve suddenly got a pitch or presentation to make, and I’ve sent a strangled text message, all in capitals…then Julia deploys what I now fondly call her “Chanteray Rapid Reaction Force” giving me incisive feedback and support. So Julia’s clarity has saved me time, stress and kept me on track to build my new business.”

You can see the website I helped Miranda get back on track, and spot all the “calls to action” I helped her to include at Miranda Birch Media

Pete Jenkins

“I’ve done a lot of networking and I’ve probably met every business coach, mentor and advisor in Sussex.

So when I came to need an advisor to help me develop a new strand to my business I had a lot of people to choose from. And I thought long and hard about who would be the best person to work with.

I’m really glad that I chose Julia. She’s been there for me throughout all the changes my business has been through. She’s pushed me to do things, come up with some great marketing ideas and been there whenever I’ve needed her. She’s encouraged me to sell internationally, get out there, to take a few risks and to take myself and my business seriously. She’s both advisor and friend, and I can’t think of anyone better to have on my side.

Gamification Plus

Mebrak Ghebreweldi

Business advice testimonial from Mebrak “Julia has been our trusted advisor at Vandu for about a year now. She’s helped us to really understand what we need to do with our marketing. She’s always there when we need her, and it’s been brilliant to have someone on our side who totally understands our values and the work we’re trying to do.”

Vandu Language Services

Nick Price

Business advice testimonial from NickPrice“Julia has helped me to really clarify what I want to offer to clients, what my core skills are and how to get this in front of the people I want to buy from me. I’m an unusual sort of business, and Julia has gone out of her way to really get to grips with how to make money out of the unusual.

“She has a great brain and is full of ideas for how to develop my marketing. She’s never been afraid to challenge me when she thinks I might be making a mistake, and my company has really benefited from her honesty and straightforward talking.

“I’ve met a lot of consultants and advisers, and I think Julia is one of the best people anyone could have to help.” Of Things Immaterial

Susan Carroll

Business advice testimonial from susan-carroll “The reasons I continue to work with Julia Chanteray are the same reasons I chose to work with her in the first place:

“She brings a commercially minded approach and is crystal clear about business growth and development. “Her immense experience in business and consulting come through in her listening skills, questions and guidance.

“Personally, I value and benefit from her directness and advice on many issues and appreciate how highly responsive she is, both in timeliness and rigour of thought.

“The best thing for me about Julia’s approach is that she considers the whole business so there’s a feeling of strategic input and direction to everything we discuss, as well as the details as to how to get there.

“In short, I consider Julia a trusted advisor to my business, and recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Scala Advance

Jessica Farrell

Business advice testimonial from jessica farrell “I started working with Julia about half way through year two of running my business. This was around the time I began to properly understand the scale of what the sales and marketing departments of all the companies I’d previously worked in had been responsible for.

Undaunted, Julia has given me a huge amount of practical, no-nonsense advice. She has helped me to prioritise my business development activities and make good use of the time I spend on them. We’ve had lots of excellent chats and she has been an invaluable sounding board in developing strategies and products, helping me to choose the most effective way forward in the ‘idea storm’ I have often presented her with.”

Jessica Farrell, CPCC, ACC, Leadership & Career Coach, Facilitator

Louise Digby

“I decided to start working with Julia because although my business was gradually becoming more profitable, things were moving far too slowly for my liking. As a sole trader, I had no-one to bounce ideas off, and felt like I knew lots of different ways of bringing in more clients but wasn’t sure what methods would be right for my business.

Working with Julia has been great. She’s taken away all the guesswork and from the off it felt Julia had listened to exactly what I wanted for my business. My income has increased after just a few weeks and most importantly I feel much more confident about where I’ll be in the future and what my business will look like. I’d recommend Julia to anyone who needs support in their business.”

Louise Digby, Registered Nutritional Therapist

Buy Some Time

business advice testimonial from Elaine Crouch “When I first met Julia, I had an unwieldy number of ideas and plans for my business. Julia has been indispensable in helping me hone in on the workable elements and shape them into a clear and focussed strategy for development. Her analogies are brilliant; humorous and accurate, I regularly find myself repeating them to my own clients.” Elaine Crouch, Buy Some Time

Plunge Productions

“We’ve worked with Julia at a couple of key stages over the last few years. She’s been there for us when the business has been going well, and she’s been there when it’s not been going so well. Julia has helped us to make some big decisions about the direction of the business.

“She’s been an objective “business friend”, helping us work out our pricing strategy (which led to profits rising by 350% over a year) and has been quite directive (in a good way) about the need to promote ourselves online rather than wait for the phone to ring.

“Plunge Productions has grown rapidly over the last few years, and it’s been really useful to know that Julia is there for us whenever we need to check that we’re doing the right thing. Running a business can be a scary endeavour, and every business owner should have a Julia on their side.”

Tim Simpson, MD, Plunge Productions

 Mark Ferguson – Very Own Studio

I worked with The Joy of Business over the course of 5 months, to get support with growing my small business. During this time Julia was very supportive and lots of fun to work with.

For me the biggest benefit was that Julia encouraged and challenged me to think strategically about the business and to set myself targets and take action as a result. This, along with the good ideas and insights that Julia’s business background allowed her to offer me, made the experience very motivating and worthwhile. My business has definitely emerged stronger and more clearly defined, as has my vision of myself and what I want to achieve. One of Mark’s targets was to get his new website up and running, which he did, and it is indeed a thing of beauty.

 WorldWide Performers

Sarah E. Carter, director of WorldWide Performers has been a Joy of Business clients for a few years now.  She says “Julia is a Godsend!”

“Over 5 years I’ve built a great steady working relationship with Julia which has been fundamental in the start-up and growth of my business. After an initially structured schedule of meetings during business set-up we now need fewer meetings but it is invaluable to me to maintain the relationship with her and keep her up to date with where the business is going. It means that I can check in with her for ideas, contacts and advice but most importantly I can still contact her to talk through new issues and challenges that the business is facing as and when they arise and she is already up to date with the current state of business.   There is no need for sleepless nights! I have total confidence that any issue arising, from negotiation to strategy can be tackled with Julia in a phone call or a meeting and that I will come away with a clear plan of action to resolve it. Julia is a Godsend!”

Church of Christ the King

As a faith group in the City, Church of Christ the King has dozens of members involved in the business sector. This year I was invited to address them at their annual business conference. Matt Davis, Elder and Shoreham Leader at CCK, the pastor overseeing the Business & Enterprise Network in the church said:

“We take seriously the support we give them, so each year we put on a number of events designed to equip and inform delegates, and in 2012 Julia Chanteray was our key-note speaker. It was so refreshing to hear from her about the realities of doing business in our City, and more importantly learn how to effectively apply them to working practices. We want to teach what it means to ‘do the City good’ and Julia really helped us to get a clear picture of how we can add value.”

Steve Bustin – Vada Media

Steve said: “I was stuck in a rut so deep I needed wellies. Being a one-man business makes it hard to think beyond the ‘here and now’ as you’re inevitably focused on the current project and, with luck, the next one.

“Trying to gain a vision for anything beyond a few weeks or months was proving virtually impossible. I knew I wanted to make a change but couldn’t pinpoint what that change might be, let alone how to make it.

“Julia provided me with support in a number of ways.

“Firstly, she listened. Having someone listen to, and help me reflect on my worries and concerns, ideas and pipe-dreams has been invaluable. Secondly, Julia has been a critical friend, more than prepared to point out when I was talking rubbish or not being realistic about ideas, but also to encourage me to think differently, take risks (even just in thinking, let alone actions) and particularly to develop a long-term view, identifying what I really want to do in the business.

“Lastly, Julia has inspired me. She saw things in my experience and skills that I’d never seen as valuable; she identified possible new directions for my business and she helped me develop new ideas and ways of putting them into practice that are already making a real difference to me and my business.”

You can see Steve’s work in media training, conference speaking and facilitation here

Paul Sharville – Bidwrite

Paul runs two copywriting businesses, one as Paul Sharville, where he creates marketing and business copy, and the other as Bidwrite, where he writes bids, proposals and tenders. I helped Paul work out how to maximise his income, which included a new pricing model which created a win-win for him and his clients. Paul said:

“I’m a copywriter, which means that I mostly shun anything to do with numbers. Unfortunately, this will almost certainly affect how quickly I’m able to realise my dream of amassing a zillion pounds just by stringing together words in a clever-ish sort of way.

Fortunately, Julia loves business finance and strategy almost as much as I love stationery. I have attended her seminars on business pricing and they have been nothing short of illuminating.

“I have also engaged Julia’s consultancy service privately; she came up with a pricing model for my bid writing service that was very good for my business, and popular with my clients. Julia is clever and great to work with.

One of the striking things about her is that, among the three-dimensional matrix of smart business thinking, she is very focused on what her clients want to achieve personally from their business. I found that to be particularly reassuring, and I have recently invested in a small calculator, such is my new found confidence.”

Tiki Drums

Tiki Drums in Hove make beautiful custom drum kits, and run workshops where drummers can make their own snare drums. I’ve been working with them on and off for about a year, helping them with their overall business strategy plus some very tactical marketing help.

Lowri and Preston said:

“Julia came on board at a time when we were really questioning what our business was about and whether or not it was worth pursuing. Julia helped us to clarify our direction and gave us the confidence and guidance to take our business forward. “ She immediately saw where we needed to concentrate our efforts to maximise our sales, and we were able to bounce ideas off her. She managed to guide us in a constructive way without taking over, which we’ve really appreciated. Without Julia’s help we would never have got to this point, and might have given up when we were on the point of success.

“We would recommend Julia’s skills and support to any business that’s looking to grow.”

Alphawave Media

Alphawave Media are an online marketing based in Lewes, Sussex. I’ve been working with Ben Kelly, their MD, on a new business strategy to really move the business forward. The strategy has been particularly focussed on sales and marketing, and this is already starting to pay off as juicy new contracts and opportunities roll in. Ben Kelly said:

“Running a business on your own can be frustrating. There is no one to bounce ideas off and help you plan the business – and during a busy period you become so fixated on day-to-day activities, it’s easy to lose focus on long term goals. Julia has been instrumental in helping me clarify my aims and objectives, has worked with me to put in a workable plan of action to move the business forward.

“This was done in a no-nonsense fashion with achievable goals, which we are on target to meet. Alongside this, she is an informed and experienced sounding board when I need someone to talk to.”

Eco Alchemists

I’ve been working with Charles Kingsley and Anna Debenham on adapting their successful business to work in the UK market. We’ve completely repositioned and rebranded Eco-Alchemists (including the great new name) to showcase Charles and Anna’s expertise in building and renovating eco homes which feel great. Charles said:

“Working with Julia has been a big help for getting our small business off the ground in the UK. Not only does she bring a wealth of resources, experience and perspective, she also is fun to work with. “In less than a year we have worked with Julia, we have clarified our business identity, customers and goals. Our business is growing more than we would have imagined and we are enjoying the process. If you want to work with a business development advisor with personality and gravitas, we couldn’t recommend Julia high enough.”

Gaia Natural Health

I’ve been helping Galit and Rob at Gaia Natural Health in Forest Row to build on the success of their wonderful natural remedies shop, and to take the brand online so that everyone can buy all the good stuff. Here’s what Rob Hughes said:

“Julia has been of tremendous help coaching and inspiring us to take our business forward to a higher level. We feel very comfortable working with her and can honestly say the meetings are worthwhile in a strategic way. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop both their business and their business skills.” Gaia is now online for beautiful and unusual natural health products, many of which are difficult to find elsewhere.

Wilfi – Douglas Snadden

Douglas says:

“When I first met Julia I knew very quickly that my business could really benefit from her involvement and input and I knew she was someone I could easily work with. She immediately grasped the key issues affecting the business, what we needed to do to address the problems we had and how we might achieve our goals. This was of great help to me as I was running my recently launched property networking website on my own at a critical stage.

“Julia helped me focus on the development of the business. She also helped me modify and refine the business plan and investment proposal that I had been working on. Her knowledge, insight, talent and straight talking approach was exactly what I needed to help me move forward and I am now well prepared to approach investors for the funding I require to develop the business into the future.”

Julia says: “If you’re buying or selling your house, why not check out and see if you can save those estate agents fees.

Brindley Novak

Michael Brindley and Sonia Novak run the retail design agency, Brindley Novak. They design the layout and structure of shops for major retailers with multiple stores. They are especially skilled at simplifying complex messages and marketing small, detailed products – including technology products like mobile phones and skincare products that present consumers with numerous options. I’ve been helping them to accelerate their marketing, particularly with a new website with lots of great video content, be really clear about the potential customers and sectors they want to concentrate on, and to get going with a more proactive sales approach. They say

“It’s been really useful seeing Julia once a fortnight to help us develop our company, and to get her clear advice about what we should be doing to bring in more business. Like lots of businesses, we’re often too busy looking after our clients to think about marketing, but Julia has made us focus on the important areas which are going to bring us long term success.”

Kingfisher Copy

“Working with Julia has been wonderful. Although I’ve been running my copywriting business for years, Julia has been able to give me some fresh ideas about how to take the business forward, especially in today’s very competitive market. We’re repositioning what I provide to bring out my speciality of conversion-based copy for online businesses.

“For the first time in a long time, I feel that my business is ready to move to the next level and I’m positive about what the future holds. I look forward to the sessions with Julia, although she works me hard and challenges a lot of my thinking. We also laugh a lot in our meetings — so, as her company name suggests, she certainly brings the joy to business!”

A loved home – Tamsin Chubb

“I had been running my business for one year and struggled to realise my business intentions working home alone, and was then introduced to Julia. Initially I felt that having a business advisor after one year of getting nowhere was a little premature. However Julia has challenged and pushed me and constantly encouraged and believed in what I am doing. Now, four months after our initial meeting, I am relaunching my business with a clear idea of how to deliver my service, who my clients are and a website that works for me, that will grow with my business as I grow.”

Integration Training

“If you’ve got a problem, if no one else can solve it, call Julia, because when it comes to small business advice she kicks the A-Team’s butt.

Seriously, Julia is an excellent business adviser and someone who I have found it valuable to really listen to, I recommend her highly.”

Integration Training are specialists in embodied management training. I’ve been helping Mark to deal with some of the growing pains as he expands operations, so we’ve been looking at rebranding, marketing and business processes.

Sue Popper – Joogleberry Acts

Sue says

“After selling my Joogleberry venue, I came back from a year abroad to set up my new business promoting, organising and booking all of the wonderful acts I’d come across at Joogleberry into events and venues everywhere.

“When I met Julia, I knew I wanted to gain from her business expertise during the crucial set up phase of my company. I needed someone I could trust to discuss plans and issues with, who would help to steer things in a healthy direction from the outset. Julia was brilliant. She’s full of ideas with a clear head, a fantastic sense of how to run a business and the ability to communicate this.

“I learned a great deal from her business knowledge and most of all I appreciated her ongoing guidance and feedback whenever I needed it. I’m really glad that I hooked up with Julia and highly recommend her. Her input has had a huge impact on the progress of Joogleberry Acts and I look forward to working with her again.”

And Julia says “And of course, if your business wants to make a good impression with clients, organise some corporate hospitality, or say thank you to staff, you should be on the phone to Sue, getting her to organise some brilliant entertainment. Mention my name, when you book at Joogleberry Acts

Simon O’Hare – Curve IT

Simon and I worked together for a few months when he was reviewing the direction of his business, and wanted some help to explore his options. Simon says

“Julia helped me to think through what was important for the business, at a time when I wasn’t sure of the best way forward. She came to meetings with me when I was looking at a potential merger, and helped me to decide that there was more value in Curve IT if I didn’t join with someone else. Her help was invaluable in making sure that I made the right decision and didn’t miss anything”

Since working with Julia, Curve IT has gone from strength to strength, and is now one of Brighton’s best respected computer and IT support companies.

Nigel Berman – Nigel’s Eco Store

“I’ve been working with Julia for quite a while now. She’s been here for me during all the important growth stages of the business. Julia’s full of great advice about marketing, sales, finances, staff, and all the practical things you need to run a business. Because she’s run her own businesses and worked with lots of other people, Julia knows what works, and what doesn’t.

“But the best thing about working with Julia is the feeling that you’re not doing all of this alone – I know that when I’m not sure about something I can pick up the phone and ask Julia her opinion. She really cares about the business and believes in it, and having someone on your side makes a huge difference when you’re growing a business this fast.”

Since working with Julia, Nigel’s Eco Store has doubled its turnover, taken over one of its competitors, and become the best place to buy environmentally friendly and energy saving products. If you’d like to check out the shop, you can get 10% off by using the code ECOJOY at the checkout.

Rosie Sherry – Schux

Rosie is a business woman with hidden depths. She’s well known for her expertise in social media strategy, and getting the Werks up and running, but what’s really interesting about Rosie is how she puts this knowledge into practice, by actually running online communities which are valued by their members. Have a look at Software Testing Club, and The Crowd.

“I wanted to work with Julia to take my different businesses and communities to the next stage, and make sure that everyone working on developing the communities are recompensed for their work- including me.

“Julia helped me to prioritise what I work on, so I could be at my most effective. This is incredibly important when you’re trying to run a serious business and bring up two children. Julia is very focussed on how to make money, and she’s helped me to realise that having more money coming into the business means I have more options for the fun stuff. She helped me get a Train to Gain grant to pay for her services, but even without this it was a good investment.”

Suzy Miller – Starting Over Show

Suzy Miller runs the Starting Over Show – you’ve probably read about her in the paper, or heard her on the radio.

“The reason I like working with Julia is that she is able to look at both the financial and the marketing aspects of a business – she has both sides of her brain working at the same time and not many people can do this. Julia helped me to work out if there was a real business behind the Starting Over Shows, and put together a financial plan to demonstrate that this could be sustainable in the long run. She helped me to make the event into something truly unique.

“Julia was able to put me on the right track and help me concentrate on doing the essential things, and getting them finished, before rushing into the next great idea. It’s made a huge difference.”

Learning Consultancy Partnership

Julia Chanteray has been working with Claire Walsh of Learning Consultancy Partnership on a grand marketing strategy. LCP are experts in management development and executive coaching. Although this is a very crowded market place, with Julia’s help, Claire has been able to show people the unique selling points of LCP-bespoke programmes of leadership development, based on a fantastic understanding of how training for managers can really help an organisation to grow and develop. Claire said

“Whenever I meet with Julia I feel inspired and reactivated. She has some fantastic marketing ideas, and knows what doesn’t work, saving me time and money. Since we started I’ve been able to get senior staff onto my courses, and the sales “conveyor belt” is filling up nicely.”


Preloaded are an award winning digital creative consultancy, specialising in wonderful games, virals and interactive websites. They’re so highly rated in their industry that they don’t have enough shelf space for all their awards. Preloaded have been working with Julia Chanteray at The Joy of Business to make sure that they can expand and grow the business, while maintaining the extremely high level of work that they do, and keep Preloaded as the place where people want to work. Paul Canty said:

“Working with Julia has meant that all the directors have been able to agree on how we move the business forward, and concentrate on what’s really important for the business. We meet with Julia every two weeks and every time she challenges our thinking and makes us realise what the priorities really are.”


David Maslen Estate Agents

Maslen Estate Agents is one of the leading independent estate agents in Brighton, and is growing fast, with a new office opening in Fiveways at the end of 2007, and further expansion planned for 2008. Julia Chanteray has been working with Managing Director and founder David Maslen as he grows the company.

It’s been great to work with a business with such a great reputation locally, where customer service, honesty and a commitment to staff development are seen as the way to improve market share and keep expanding. A key element of the work has been to improve the marketing of the business, so that more people get to know that Maslen Estate Agents are not your usual kind of estate agents.

David Maslen said: “Working with Julia has meant that I’ve had someone to bounce ideas off, and make sure that the company grows into the sort of business that I want it to become. She’s been able to see exactly what we need to do, and help us find the best way to go forward.”

Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard

After changing it’s name, Switchboard knew that they needed to look carefully at their marketing. Julia Chanteray volunteered some of her time through the Brighton Community Partnership Prohelp programme to help Switchboard to bring their marketing up to date.

“Julia helped us to see that marketing wasn’t just about our visual brand, but was about how we communicate with everyone that we come in touch with. She gave us some great ideas about how to get in touch with the people that Switchboard sometimes misses out, and how we can get people to act on our message.”

Natalie Woods, Manager, Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard.

Rachel Roberts

“After getting along as a fairly succesful freelance journalist for several years, I needed a boost to help me realise some of my long-held dreams. Expanding my ledgling TV career was my top priority and after working with Julia for just three months, I’ve had a showreel cut and have been approached by two influential commissioning editors for meetings to discuss possible projects. I’m a fairly pro-active person already, but having Julia fighting in my corner with me has given me a much-needed confidence boost.” –

Rachel Roberts, Popular Culture Journalist

Unique To…

Sue Korman runs Unique To… a wonderful website that showcases the independent, specialist retailers of Brighton and Hove. Sue has worked with The Joy of Business to find the best way of realising her vision of making Unique To into a grown up business that provides a really useful service and campaigns to keep the spotlight on local choice.

Sue says: “Working with Julia has been great. She has helped me to prioritise in what I need to do, and has helped me to set pricing, market the business, and to feel more confident about the campaign’s potential. It’s fantastic have someone on my side who really believes in what I’m doing. As Julia works with a number of independent retailers in Brighton, I’ve been really impressed with how she knows her stuff.”

Toby Boyle

Toby Boyle manages a number of bands for corporate and party functions. He’s been working with Julia Chanteray at The Joy of Business to improve the way that he markets the bands, plus how to successfully launch some of his ideas for new bands.

Toby said: “It’s been incredibly useful to have someone to talk to about what needs to happen with my business. Julia has given me some great advice about marketing, and has helped me to focus on what I need to do to make a real success out of this.”

White Hat Media

White Hat Media is a professional web design agency that specialises in SEO services and online marketing. White Hat has been working with Julia Chanteray for the past year, as it has faced several challenges as it grows rapidly.

Managing Director Jeremy Spiller says: “Since our first meeting with Julia, we knew that she could help us stay on the right track. She’s been with us through the good times and the scary times that come with running a company like this, and it’s been great to have someone that you can rely on 100 percent.” Since working with Julia, White Hat has more than doubled the number of staff in the company, increased turnover by more than 300%, and won even more awards for their work. They are set to expand further over the coming year, with some exciting new developments in the pipeline.

Andrew Chapman

Andrew Chapman runs Chapman Design, a graphic design studio in Brighton. Andrew wanted to expand his business, but wasn’t sure of the best route to take and wanted to avoid risking the successful practice he had already built up. Since working with Julia, Andrew has taken on new staff, moved into new premises, and been able to take on a lot more work. He’s also been able to develop good relationships with several new clients.

Andrew says “Working with Julia has been incredibly useful. She was very quickly able to see what I needed to do to take the business to the next stage, and helped me to put plans into action.”

If this sounds like you, and you’re in Brighton, Sussex or London, do get in touch and see if Julia and The Joy of Business can help you.